There is something about the cutting, the flipping, the peeling modge podge off dry fingers, the adjusting, the layering, the finding the best version out of eight plausible variations. The mediums never meant to be mixed that somehow collide with such a cohesiveness I would never dare to separate them again. It is the poor man’s platform, precious materials are hand selected from dumpsters and free boxes. The glue does not have an inclination to Vogue vs my school newspaper, they both stick the same. They can be supporting characters in a bigger project: a birthday card, a page of a scrapbook, a graduation cap. I have always been a person who loves a plan, lives for list. Partaking in an artform of limitless possibilities allows me to release control, dwell in the utopia of imperfection. Collaging allows expression of every corner of your life at once, in complete silence can find the similarities in all your traits and hobbies to unveil your purpose.


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