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The Man, the Myth, and the Future Legend Chicoby Ambrocio

Picture of Chicoby Ambrocio while he was working at Shari’s. Sir Chicoby, the future legend.  Photo by Elliot Silva

Chainsaws, lighthouses, and one million people. What do these three things have in common? Chicoby Ambrocio, the next Steve Jobs of the motivational world. Ambrocio first entered my world when he pulled a chair up to my table and joined me for dinner in the Shari’s just off I-84, . He began telling me all about his wondrous plans, and his even more wondrous rocket “ ship, although his main form of transportation is a silver mustang with the words ‘Leader Elite’ written on the front windshield. Chicoby Ambrocio is a self proclaimed “Sir” born on May 11th, 1994 making him a Taurus, which absolutely makes sense as he has been described by his friend Jonathon Ramirez (also a Sir) as tenaciously reliable and loyal, a common trait of Tauruses. 

Due to his father being raided by the police at the age of two, Sir Chicoby was put into the foster care system, then fortunately got adopted after a year and a half. This made it possible for Sir Chicoby to experience both public and private education: “I get to see, you know, two different sides of the world, right? The public side, and the private side. Seeing people who have it, and have made it, and people who are struggling.” 

Sir Chicoby is a fan of many things, including “basketball, soccer, baseball, hiking, shooting, [and] business meetings.” He has been self-described as someone who enjoys climbing tall things like water towers, and transmission towers, but has given up on these dangerous hobbies as the risks are just too high. Another thing Sir Chicoby likes is pranks. One of his pranks involved a chainsaw and a mask, “I had a chainsaw and [while] I was at the club I worked at, I took the chain off, but the motor still started, and it still ran, and it still sounded like it ran,” says Sir Chicoby. He then ran into a room in the back of the club, blaring the chainsaw as he ran from security, then changing clothes in hopes of not getting recognized. Unfortunately to no avail, he was identified. However, the security had an unusual request, “So [the security was] like, ‘I need you to do me a favor…’ he was like ‘go through the club and just try to scare [everybody] with it.” 

While Sir Chicoby is a fan of many things, he also has a list of things that he isn’t in favor of, like, “our education system,” then he proceeds to ask, “[Do] you want me to elaborate?” His question of elaboration I’m sure leaves all of us on the edge of our seats, thankfully it was answered later on, “I just don’t like the education system.” Sensing this wasn’t quite enough of said elaboration, he divulged further, “[The education system] teaches you just to be, an employee or a soldier. It doesn’t teach you how to own your own business.” 

Now we’ve all heard of the man with a plan, but what about the Sir with a plan? Well, Sir Chicoby has plans for days, if not centuries. All of his plans centered around his main goals in life, which are to achieve freedom and be a light for people, or in his words a lighthouse. “What is the purpose of a lighthouse? It’s to provide direction or safety for someone lost at sea. Imagine your life as you know, as you are going through life and you’re lost at sea,” he explains. This idea of being a light for the people around you is something he strives for and encourages others to do. Sir Chicoby plans on being that light for people by speaking to them on a stage. 

One of his goals is to speak with one million people, which in his mind is four public speaking events a year and a total of sixty thousand people per year, which would only take Sir Chicoby around 16 years to complete this meager task. Luckily for Sir Chicoby he already has a platform to reach this goal in the organization World Wide Dreambuilders, a subset from the World Wide Group, which aims to platform people in different communities and hold events with thousands of people across the country. Perhaps you could say that these numbers are arbitrary and his beginnings are humble, but the ambition he holds is undeniable. This is an ambition Sir Jonathon believes Sir Chicoby will most definitely follow through with, saying, “he never gives up, everything he sets himself out to go and get, he accomplishes it, always.” 

The other side of his goals is grounded in the ideals of freedom, and goal setting itself. Sir Chicoby aims to encourage those around him to set daily goals. He stresses the importance of setting these goals at the beginning of the day when life has yet to sweep you away. Sir Chicoby will relentlessly remind those around him to set their goals, leading to “put in your goals,” becoming a popular message sent by Sir Chicoby, according to Sir Jonathon. This constant pestering to set daily goals is such a common occurrence, it’s inevitable to the point that if you’re close to Sir Chicoby, you’ll face this phrase often. Freedom is another very important aspect of Sir Chicoby’s life: “Having freedom, I believe, is [a] control [of] time and money. If you don’t have control of time and money, you’re not free. You’re a slave, you’re a slave to the paycheck.” Sir Chicoby expects himself in a few years to reach this freedom, living a life of traveling around the world and speaking to people about these ideas. All while holding down a steady income without the need for work. The way he will achieve this income may be shrouded in a high amount of ambiguity. Still, perhaps he can follow in the great footsteps of Mark Cuban or Oprah Winfrey and achieve it through grandiose entrepreneurship. 

Sir Chicoby is not just a sir, he is a legend in the making. Believing that the ultimate purpose of life is to, “help others, period.” And if you, like the billions who will read his story, are yearning to learn more about Sir Chicoby, don’t worry, I promise you this is not the last you will hear of the inevitable, and the promised legend, Chicoby Ambrocio. 

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  • V

    violet silvaDec 12, 2022 at 7:07 pm

    this is the best article ever.

  • C

    Chicoby D AmbrocioDec 11, 2022 at 5:07 am

    I was very honored to be apart of this article. Well written and heart felt. You have played apart of an amazing vision!!!

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The Man, the Myth, and the Future Legend Chicoby Ambrocio