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Fans Are Going Crazy for Adele’s Newest Album, 30

This photo shows all four of Adele’s album covers. 30, being Adele’s fourth and newest album, is shown on the bottom right. Illustration by Everette Cogswell.

Since 2015, fans of Adele have been twiddling their thumbs, waiting for Adele to come out of the shadows and release a new album. After patiently waiting almost 7 years, fans finally got their wish. Adele’s new album, 30, was released on November 19 of 2021 and consists of 12 new sing-your-heart-out songs. 30 will be Adele’s fourth album following 19 (2008), 21 (2011), and 25 (2015). According to Billboard, her new album became the top selling album in 2021 just after three days. 30 is unlike any album Adele has released, making fans unsure how to feel. 

Adele recently went public concerning her divorce with Simon Konecki, and with that came lots of backlash over social media. Just like any other celebrity breakup, sides were taken and hateful things were said. Now the 33 year old pop star has to pick her pieces up again while learning how to be a single mother to her 9 year old son, Angelo Adkins. Her new album is a way for her to reflect on the events taking place in her life as well as tell a story to those who choose to listen.

Strangers By Nature: “Strangers By Nature” is the first song you hear when you press play. It sets up the rest of the album and gives listeners an idea of what the rest of the album is about. This three minute song starts off with the line “I’ll be taking flowers to the cemetery of my heart” and ends with her saying “alright, I’m ready.” Fans believe the meaning behind these lyrics is that she’s finally strong enough to tell her story. “Strangers By Nature” is a great song to listen to if you are wanting a more mellow beat. It would be a perfect song to put on during a snowy night.   

Easy On Me: “Easy On Me” was the first of Adele’s new songs to be released. “Easy On Me” came out on October 15th, almost a month before the rest of 30, and fans went crazy. It was played on every radio station, in all stores, and of course on everyone’s phones. Fans quickly grew eager for the rest of the album to be released. According to MamaMia, a pop culture website, the meaning behind the word “river” in the song is a metaphor for her relationship, which I agree with. Many say that “Easy On Me” is about Adele’s relationship and divorce with her former husband. I would say that this song is the “Hello” of the album. 

My Little Love: “My Little Love” is like nothing Adele has ever done, and I love it! Don’t get me wrong, this song will rip you apart just like any of her other songs, but the way Adele incorporates voice memos of conversations between herself and her nine year old son automatically drew me in. This song is a heart-wrenching story of Adele apologizing to her young son for the divorce that led to breaking up his family. It ends with a drunken message from Adele expressing how lost she was feeling. This 6 minute 30 second song is a unique new look into Adele’s life. If you’re in need of a good cry, this is the perfect song. 

Cry Your Heart Out: Contrary to the title of this song, “Cry Your Heart Out” will make you want to get up and dance. This upbeat song is a friendly reminder to all of her listeners to “go at your own pace” as she states in the lyrics. Adele incorporates an empowering message within this song to balance out the other tearjerkers on the album. “Cry your Heart Out” is the “Send My Love” of 2021. If you are feeling the need for a more positive, uplifting song, “Cry Your Heart Out” should be first on your list. 

Oh My God: “Oh My God”, similar to “Cry Your Heart Out”, is a super catchy and uplifting song. Adele proudly sings, “I’m a grown woman and I can do what I want to do.” Within the song, Adele sets empowering messages in place, as well as sharing how she is finally feeling good about herself after the breakup. “Oh My God” is a good break in the album where you’ll want to dance along rather than cry it out. 

Can I Get It: Similar to “Oh My God”, “Can I Get It” is a song about how Adele feels ready to get back out there and start a real relationship. On the same path of the last two songs, “Can I Get It” is another uplifting, groovy song.

I Drink Wine: “I Drink Wine” goes  back to Adele’s roots. This song brings me back to her first few albums due to the sound of piano she brings in. This six minute song is perfect to blast in your earbuds on your way home from a long day of school. Adele’s purpose for this song is to send a message that you have to love and accept yourself before you can let anyone else in. This song is her way of telling her story of how she learned an important life lesson. 

All Night Parking: “All Night Parking” is a song about budding romance and new love. This song is a good break from the otherwise heartbreaking songs, and brings positive perspectives on love into the mix. Many fans are saying that this song has to do with her new partner, Rich Paul. “All Night Parking” starts off with a smooth, mellow beat and becomes a calming song that would be perfect to play on a rainy day. 

Woman Like Me: While “All Night Parking” focuses on budding romance, “Woman Like Me” is quite the opposite. This song is full of messages signaling that the end of a relationship is near. With the first line being “You’re driving me away, give me a reason to stay,” I think this is the perfect example of her setting the tone about the start of her break up. This song gives off an almost over-it tone, that makes listeners feel like they are able to relate to it. “Woman Like Me” is the new “Rolling In The Deep” for Adele, and everyone is loving it. 

Hold On: “Hold On” is written as if it’s a letter addressed to Adele sharing her frustration she has built up towards herself. Singing the line “I am my worst enemy, right now I truly hate being me.” She feels guilty for blowing her life up, and at times blames herself for the whole situation. In an interview held with Oprah, Adele was explaining how her friends would remind her to hold on whenever she was going through a rough patch. This six minute song is on the slower side, and would be perfect to play as you are getting ready to crawl into bed.  

To Be Loved: “To Be Loved” is about Adele finally coming to terms with her past, being able to slowly move forward, and accept the outcomes that come with her mistakes. Her starting line is “I built a house for a love to grow, I was so young that it was hard to know.” Similar to “Hold On”, this almost seven minute song is a slower beat and is the perfect song to play when you are ready to wind down for the day.

Love Is A Game: Last but not least, “Love Is A Game”. After listening to 11 other soul crushing songs it all comes to an end, and there is no better song then “Love Is A Game” to wrap it up. This album is a full circle, starting with “Strangers By Nature” and her feeling like she was broken into a million little pieces to now, recognizing the pain she has gone through and becoming ready to move forward with her life. Now that she has taken time to heal, she is ready to get back out there.

I think we can safely say, Adele has done it again. 30 is a smashing success. With songs’ moods ranging from crying on the ground to getting up on the dance floor, Adele has nailed it. Fans, including myself, can’t get enough and are playing it anywhere, anytime. I am excited to see what is in store for Adele in the future, but until then I, and many others, are content with the new album drop. 

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Fans Are Going Crazy for Adele’s Newest Album, 30