If you’re as fashion obsessed as I am, you most likely spend hours scouring pinterest and instagram for outfit inspiration. I’ve put together a quick and easy guide to the major fashion trends this winter. On any given day you’ll most likely catch me sporting at least one of these items.


In and out of fashion since the 17th century, argyle is definitely making a comeback this winter. With styles inspired by preppy 90s fashion and the loud colors of the early 2000s, argyle is practically everywhere this winter. Fuzzy cardigans or sweater vests layered over long sleeves are perfect ways to style this print. I recommend looking at Cher’s outfits from Clueless and Gretchen’s fashion in Mean Girls for some inspiration. Personally, I’ve found most of my argyle from Depop and Goodwill—cheap and sustainable!

Sweater Vests: 

Another preppy fashion item, sweater vests have been revitalized in 2020. Cropped or oversized sweater vests are the perfect winter weather staple. Warm and easy to layer over T-shirts and long sleeves, there’s a perfect sweater vest for practically any style. This year, rock a sweater vest in muted neutrals or embrace the 2000s in neons. I find that thrift stores nearly always have a surplus of sweater vests in the men’s section. Pick one up, give it a crop and you have yourself the perfect trendy winter outfit. Check out @modergurlz on Instagram and YouTube for more 90s and Y2K style inspiration.

Wide Leg Pants: 

If you’re still wearing skinny jeans in 2020, it’s time to say goodbye. Instead, say hello to wide leg pants. Comfortable and stylish, wide leg pants are a win-win. Made in many styles from jeans, to slacks, to suit pants, the wide-leg silhouette is perfect to complement any look. Sell your skinny jeans on Depop and poshmark and invest in a cozy pair of wide-leg pants. I recommend Depop as a sustainable place to invest in this winter staple, but stores like MotelRocks and NA-KED have numerous styles to choose from. Grab your pants and throw a cropped cardigan on top for an easy and adorable outfit this winter. Follow @matildadjerf and @khuludd_ on Instagram for inspiration.


In 2020, we’re embracing all things fuzzy. From faux fur tote bags to cardigans, fuzzy fashion has creeped into almost every corner of our closets. Soft and cozy, a fuzzy sweater is perfect for freezing weather. With all the time spent at home, comfortable clothes are all the more important. Find adorable fuzzy bags, skirts, and tops on Princess Polly, MotelRocks, or Depop. Style a fluffy sweater with your favorite jeans or pick up a matching cozy cardigan and skirt set and live out your fashionable dreams.


Cardigans aren’t just for grandmas anymore. Found in practically any Goodwill or Salvation Army, cardigans are the perfect fashionable and affordable winter staple. I’ve been styling cardigans with wide-leg jeans and plaid pants for a cozy, autumn inspired look. Try turning your summer skirts and dresses into winter staples by layering on some sheer black tights, a cozy cardigan, and some chunky boots. 

Tiny Purses:

Also known as “baguettes,” these little bags are straight out of the early 2000s (think Sex and the City). I recently found the perfect little black bag on Poshmark a couple weeks ago and it has been my go to ever since. Second hand sellers on Poshmark and Depop give great deals on adorable baguette bags in almost every color and print. I recommend investing in a simple black baguette bag; it will pair perfectly all of the other trends on this list.

Faux Leather:

Faux leather pants and blazers are all the rage with winter. Invest in a pair of comfy wide-leg faux leather pants to style with a cozy cardigan or pick up a gorgeous pleather blazer on Depop for the perfect winter layering piece. Shades of brown and black leather not only look fabulous, but complement practically every outfit. Pick up a pair of sustainable faux leather pants on na-ked.com or browse Depop for more affordable finds. For more style inspo follow @jadehoney62 on Instagram. 


It wouldn’t be 2020 fashion without the addition of an adorable mask to top off your winter look. Support local businesses by purchasing masks or learn to make them yourself. I personally love masks in solid pastel colors to add a pop to a neutral outfit but you can also find masks in animal print, argyle and practically any other cut and pattern imaginable. No winter 2020 outfit is complete without a mask to protect yourself and others.


Fashion is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to express yourself, but we fashion lovers must be mindful of the environmental impact of our consumption. If you’re looking to shop any of these winter trends I recommend checking out local thrift stores or online resale sites for affordable and sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. This winter, stay on trend and shop sustainably!

Illustration By Bijou Allard. Pictured are some of the trendiest items for winter 2020. Makeover your wardrobe this winter and shop sustainably.