On December 3rd, 2018, accompanied by the caption, “See you there…. #merrychristmas” the band “Wild Party” posted to their Instagram for the first time in over three years. Photo credit: Wild Party official instagram account (@wildpartyofficial)

On December 3, 2018, something unimaginable happened: fans of the obscure not-quite-pop band, Wild Party, discovered that a new photo had been posted on the band’s Instagram account @wildpartyofficial featuring four pairs of feet pointing towards a stylized bubble with “2019” in the center. The photo caption reads, “See you there…#merrychristmas.” Wild Party is an under-appreciated band whose music instills a rare blend of upbeat and melancholy in many listeners. Evan Bay from Sherwood High School says, “I think everyone should try listening to [their music]. It doesn’t really have a genre…it sounds like a pessimist trying to be optimistic.” Bay has fondly added multiple songs by Wild Party to nearly every playlist he’s made in recent months.

This unexpected tease is the first anyone has heard from the band since October 2015, about a year after the release of their only album, Phantom Pop, in 2014. The band’s Instagram biography has remained devoid of any updates over the years, and still alerts viewers that Phantom Pop is now available.

Fans are thrilled to see what the previously invisible band has in store for them. There are over 300 comments on the recent post where they speculate on what might be coming in the New Year, or simply share their shock and anticipation with their listening community. Comments along the lines of “IT’S BEEN SO LONG,” or “WAIT you’re coming back!!!” are a distinct trend among mind-blown fans. “I think it’s definitely gonna be a new album,” Bay exclaims.

Wild Party is largely unheard of, likely as a result of their extremely limited exposure. However, despite being inactive for years, the group has developed a dedicated following. Bay stumbled upon the second track of Phantom Pop, “OutRight” in fall of 2018. “I thought their voice especially was really unique… [they weren’t] holding back.” Bay connects the album’s name with the feel of the music itself: “It sounds like something that should be played at a party, but the lyrics are deeper than that.”

One of the things that draws people in to Wild Party’s music is that “They’re kind of mysterious,” says Bay. According to their website, Wild Party toured their album in 2014, but no tour dates are to be found anywhere online, and no merchandise seems to be available for purchase. Excluding a Halloween post from 2015, absolutely nothing has been heard from or about the band or its members in years. Up until December, there had not been a single post from them on any media platform, no evidence of their tour, nor any mention anywhere about what they are doing now or why they seem to have simply vanished from the world.

Phantom Pop is accessible on many platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. The opportunity to get to know Wild Party’s first album as a stand-alone may be limited. All of the band’s listeners seem to be in agreement; the odds are very high that these passionate fans will have brand new content to devour and praise very soon. Instagram user @_its_beth commented on the December 3 post, “I just found your music a few months back but I showed all my friends and we’ve been listening to your album on repeat. I’m so glad [you] guys are coming back cause [you] deserve a big break and it’s gonna happen.” In the New Year, more eyes are watching to see what innovative soundtrack Wild Party will provide. This is going to be a revolutionary year for the band, why shouldn’t it be a revolutionary year for their fans as well?