Illustration by Gabrielle Campbell.

Crying is something that happens to the best of us. Maybe you’re stressed about school, or someone was mean to you, or you’re just having a bad day, and you suddenly find yourself crying in the middle of the hallway. You might panic, looking around for a place to hide, away from prying eyes or judgy peers. Is the bathroom the best bet? Or should you just suck it up and head back to class? There’s no telling what could happen. This panic is normal, but knowing about a safe haven might help you out when you don’t know where to turn. Here are some of the best places to go when you need to break down and cry.

The Bathrooms- A high school experience is not truly complete without having cried in a bathroom at least once. The bathrooms are a classic place to go cry; they offer a small room of your own, relative privacy, and the chance that you might find friendly, supportive graffiti scrawled on the wall. Some bathrooms are better than others. For example, the bathrooms in the SS wings of the school tend to be less populated, offering a more private setting. However, any of the bathrooms may do in a pinch, given that there isn’t a line.

The Nurse’s Office- A less known option is the nurse’s office, a place which offers a chance to cry in the presence of someone comforting who won’t judge you. Sitting in the comfort of the spinning chair is a good way to calm down and feel better after a good cry. School nurse Kay Manley says that her office is “always a safe place,” and that she is there to offer whatever support students may need, whether that be a trip to the counselor’s office or even just a hug. She does say, however, that “it is not always a private place,” as students at times tend to come in for other medical needs. However, if she is not otherwise occupied, she will help you calm down and feel more comfortable about crying.

The Library- For those book-lovers out there who feel at home in between the shelves, the comfort that you feel sitting with your nose in a good book will help calm you down during a good cry session. They may seem intimidating at first, but the library staff are all friendly and willing to let you calm down in a place that may be comforting. The biggest risk is one that runs with this destination: the possibility of a class coming into the library. If this doesn’t happen, the library is a quiet, comforting place to break down and cry.

Performing Arts Area- For those who frequent the performing arts wing, a number of crying destinations exist for your convenience. One staircase connecting the Language Arts classes to the lower hallway hosts a platform underneath with a reliable amount of privacy. Another spot is the hallway leading into the left entrance to the auditorium, a hallway that does have a glass wall but is hardly used. While standing by the entrance, you might see a staircase, which leads to a relatively quiet area near the entrances to the catwalks. As with many spots in our school, the biggest risk with using any of these would be running into a couple canoodling.

In Class- This is for those who lack fear and are brave enough to just stay in class while crying. As long as you’re quiet enough, people might not even notice! If you are willing to risk your dignity, then good for you. You are truly brave. Just make sure that you’re still getting the support you need.

Overall, crying may not be a fun experience, but sometimes it’s a necessary one to relieve emotions. With the stress of finals coming up, you may find yourself needing a place to cry more than ever. Remember, it’s okay to let your feelings out, and please make sure you’re taking care of yourself however you need to.

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