the lack of sleep makes my brain wander

who would i be?

what person would stand before you if i had taken a different path

chose the left door

the less taken road

would i be jovial?

would i be regina george?

would i be broken and beaten and bruised

who would i be 

without my trauma i’m not me

a broken mirror so many images of myself


who would i be?

would i be innocent a straight A student

my past self reflected on an older body?

would i be the perfect daughter?

or would i be worse

who would i be?

who should i be 

who could i be

can i be a better version 

or a sequel no one saw 

am i meant to be this person

who cowers in front of you on this stage?

this scarred and scared teenager 

who would i be if life had dealt me a different hand

could i have a good poker face?

could i lie through my teeth

could i say i’m ok and people would believe it?

who would i be

i ponder as dawn draws nearer 

would i have the same friends 

would i cry myself to sleep 

peacefully drowning and dreaming 

would my hopes and wishes be different 

would i care as much? 

would i care more?

who would i be?

i would be me

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