STEWART- Hello, my name is Amanda Stewart with Northwest News, for the program Objective Discussions. After President Trump’s State of the Union Address this January, we have decided to dedicate today’s discussion to political parties from the perspective of politically involved high school students. Today I have with me Republican Senior Robert Swan and Democrat Junior Diana Market. Thank you both for joining me.

MARKET- Thank you, Amanda, for having me.

SWAN– Thanks.
ST- Now, you both are extremely knowledgeable in the field of politics for your age. What influenced you to get so politically involved?

SW- It wasn’t until I was eleven that I became interested in politics. My parents always had the news playing, and it wasn’t until I was that age that I realized how close the United States is to falling into a dystopia. Instead of shrugging off this knowledge and waiting around for someone else to fix the problem, I decided that I was the best person to create the change I wanted to see.

M- Interesting. My process was a lot more sudden. I just woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to see more women in politics.

*Swan scoffs*

ST- Okay, so what made you choose your political party?

SW- Well, the Republican party is very accepting of other religions—I’m Jewish, so that was important to me—and unlike the the Democratic party, the Republican wants more restriction on social affairs in the government. That is where I felt that we had been going wrong before; there was not enough social regulation and our country was falling apart because of it. All of the core values that had been established when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution—like the right to bear arms and freedom of religion—were being disregarded and disrespected by the Democrats in power who want gun control and to legalize gay marriage.

M- I chose to become Democrat because all my friends were Democrats, and I want to live in a society where others are accepting of all races, religions, economic backgrounds, ability, and gender. I also like how the Democratic party is more focused on regulating an economy by limiting monopolies and exploitation of labor, because my great grandfather was forced into child labor in 1913.

ST- Oh, how horrible!

M- Yeah, I have heard a lot of horrific stories about exploitation of labor that have encouraged me to study employment and labor laws.

ST- So I would like to hear from each of you, what do you think of President Trump’s proposal to limit immigration and to deport undocumented immigrants from the United States?

M- Well—

SW- Although there are some things I disagree with Trump on, his ideas on immigration are one-hundred percent valid and should be supported. We have had too many terrorist attacks from Muslim countries, so his proposal of dispensing of the visa lottery system would help prevent future attacks from happening. Also, it is not fair to let people who have immigrated here illegally to have the privilege of living here and participating in our society, economy, and government when there are people who have worked within the rules to gain those privileges.

ST- That is an interesting perspective, Robert. Earlier, didn’t you say that you are Republican because of how, “the Republican party is very accepting of other religions?” Wouldn’t excluding Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. be acting on religious bias?

SW- Well… Um…

M- What I wanted to say before I was so rudely interrupted *looks toward Swan* was that I think Trump’s ideas on immigration are so warped. Immigrants help build our economy, because most immigrants are willing to work low paying jobs that native born Americans think of themselves as too good for. Not to mention, many immigrants are seeking refuge from hardship or a life in a country with more opportunity. Are those really people we want to exclude?

SW- I feel personally attacked! It’s clear to me that I was just brought on this show to be chastised and shamed into changing my political views, but I won’t change them! The Republican views are correct and the decline in support for the Republican party shows that many people are willing to cave into peer pressure but not me! The Republican party is the correct party and I will not be convinced otherwise!

ST- I’m sorry Robert! I never intended to make you feel attacked—

SW- Well you did. And why bring a girl onto the show to oppose me? Am I the only one who notices how outnumbered I am? What are you trying to prove?? Women aren’t smarter than men and they never have been. Why do you think they have been oppressed for so many years? Besides, her arguments aren’t even substantial.

*Market bangs both hands on the table and stands up*

M- Now, wait a minute! Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m stupid, and oppression of anyone is inexcusable!! You are so sexist and and so dense! You don’t even listen to any other points of view!!

*Swan stands up*

SW- Nether do you!! You *Beep*!
*Camera cuts*