Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray, published by Republic Records.

Autumn can provide the perfect opportunity for acoustic admirers in Portland. The colors of fiery harvest leaves paint the tops of trees and the chapped cement sidewalks. Grand wafts of smoke climb out of the chimneys of hundred-year-old homes, gradually ascending into the sky. With these hints of fall, we have no choice but to adapt our music to how the season reflects upon us. So, I’ve taken initiative to make a playlist of some lovely autumn songs for those of you who are in search of them. 

  • “coffee breath” by Sofia Mills

This quiet, rainy-day beat throws you into a tiny coffee shop, packed with books and the smell of espresso. A quick listen to the first verse of the song gives the feel of a messy bed head and coffee beans being ground down the hallway and in the kitchen. I recommend this song to those who appreciate slow, chilly mornings. 

  • “say anything” by girl in red

A bitter-sweet love song is a must for any fall playlist and this one fits the description perfectly. With its high pitched echo of guitars and drums playing swiftly in the background of girl in red’s soft, dreamy voice, it’s perfect for a hopeless romantic’s afternoon walk, after watching the movie the song was based on: “Say Anything.”

  • “i love you” by Billie Eilish

This heartbroken acoustic ballad shares a sense of melancholy with the listener. Rainy nights support the sorrowful melody by combining Eilish’s creamy, low vocals with the pounding of a gentle drizzle on window panes. When Eilish performs the song live, she usually seems to be on the edge of tears. This is reasonable, because of the personal and mournful level of sympathy her fans give her when singing along. 

  • “Comfort Crowd” by Conan Gray

The strumming of a bass guitar and tapping of drums make this heavy acoustic beat one to remember. A subtle urge of holding-hands, tight hugs, and sitting with friends on an old, comfy couch may hit when listening to the verses. But when the chorus hits, your mind wanders to long bike rides in the afternoon frost and driving down winding roads.

  • “Westcoast Collective” by Dominic Fike

When electric guitar meets Fike’s rough, smoky voice, the spark of satisfaction and breeziness may shock you. Despite making rap music in the past, Fike excels at making quality indie-rock songs. He reminds the listeners that he admires himself for how well he can write lyrics and create tunes, and reminisces on when he wasn’t as successful and had been in a collective/band. 

  • “20 something” by SZA

The artist’s name, SZA, stands for sovereign, zigzag, and Allah. SZA’s strong voice compliments the echoey and acute, acoustic vibes in every verse. Despite the lack of a climax or change in rhythm, she finds a way to make the repetition elegant and engaging. 

  • “Dissolve – acoustic” by Absofacto 

Absofacto creates a soft and sweet paradise when playing this melody. The music produces an abstracted yet realistic bliss with the imagery used, leaving the listener with hazy, indescribable feelings.

  • “Fair-Weather Friend” by Bruno Major 

Stormy late nights call for a gentle and rich lullaby to accompany their dark and soothing composure. With the lovely beat Major constructed, he satisfies the combination of the two perfectly. Generally, this is the type of music Major tends to conjure up. Throughout his most recent album, there is a repeated use of acoustic moves and light, crisp taps upon drums. 

Ranging from indie acoustic to piano ballads, fall is open to multiple types of intriguing music. So with that, a blend of these eight songs will construct the ideal fall playlist for the listener.