Some pumpkins sitting in the sun. Pumpkins are an autumn staple, mainly for carving into jack-o-lanterns. Photo by More Nevermore

Leaves are turning yellow, rain is in the air, and everything is pumpkin spice flavored yet again. Yes, autumn is upon Portland, and with it comes tons of festive events and activities to do. It may seem like it’s all gloom and work this time of year, but no! There are tons of options from haunted houses to festivals and everything in between. Take a look at some of Portland’s options for the fall season:

  1. The Portland Nursery Annual Apple Tasting Event – This laid back event is free and two weekends long, on October 11-13 and 18-20. Here you can go and try new types of apples and pears, hear live music, participate in a scarecrow contest, and a lot more. More details can be found at Portland Nursery’s website!
  2. The H.P Lovecraft Film Festival – The 24th annual H.P Lovecraft film festival is perfect for anyone who enjoys older horror movies. It will feature some of Lovecraft’s films as well as many other short horror films such as In a Foreign Town, My Monster, and The Summoned. Victoria Price, the daughter of Vincent Price (a famous horror movie actor) will be the guest of honor at this event as well! If you’re interested, look at the H.P Lovecraft Film Festival website for more details on when and where.
  3. The Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch – This pumpkin patch is pretty popular, and is a favorite for many. Franklin student Tyler Margiani (11), gives his thoughts on it: “I like to go to Sauvie Island for the pumpkins, then carve them at home. It’s especially fun with a group of friends.” They also offer other fresh grown food, an animal barn, and hay rides. Open for nearly all of October, the Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch talks about all this and more at their website.
  4. Bella Organic’s Corn Mazes – Another fun attraction on Sauvie Island, Bella Organic offers tons of activities; a pumpkin patch, an organic farm, a petting zoo, bonfires, lots of treats and foods, and two corn mazes. The mazes this year have varying concepts. One is a haunted maze with a Stranger Things theme, and the other is a regular corn maze with the word “equality” cut into it. Sofia Kondilis, a main organizer of Bella, has this to say on her favorite things to do there: “I like to grab a drink and catch the hayride, and go pick out my own pumpkin…and I also love going through the haunted maze because they don’t know it’s me.” If this sounds like fun to you, their website has more details!
  5. Fearlandia – If you’re looking for haunted houses, this is a solid option. Fearlandia has been a top rated Oregon haunted house for years now, so you won’t be disappointed. This year there are two houses. One is a journey into Asgard to find Odin’s eye, but there are many monsters and traps you have to get through first. The other house is a pitch black world that you have to feel your way through to get out, but of course it’s not that easy when there are creepy crawly things at every turn. You can find more details at Fearlandia’s website! 
  6. The Fear PDX – If you’re looking for the best of the best, the scariest Halloween event around, The Fear PDX could be what you’re looking for. They offer tons of haunted houses including the Dark Carnival, the Dead City, the Doll Factory, the Mansion, and their scariest house of them all: Nightmares – Extreme Haunt. If you think you can handle it, The Fear PDX has more information.

Even if one of these events doesn’t strike your fancy, there’s tons of other attractions and activities around! Jumping in leaves, carving pumpkins, getting some apple cider, baking treats, all that good stuff. Either way, despite what the schoolwork and weather may tell you, there are things to be excited about this season!