Broken thoughts on a shattered night. I remember the way you embraced me.

Awkward, yet tight.

I want to pull back, the closeness bothers me,

Like a sweaty summer day, swatting at mosquitoes,

But I freeze.

Your eyes watch me, unaware that I too am watching.

The whites, a cream color with chocolate swirls,

Captivating my attention.

No emotions flow out, no tears, no words.

I just watch your face glow, your youthful smile opens.


Stepping in I expect an embrace,

Just shadows loom over your eyes, unwelcoming.

I see the flicker of exhaustion wipe off your stained face,

Molding expressions aimlessly.

Overworked thumbs, press keyboards robotically,

Thundering away, as I listen in agony.

Watching as the twitch of your mouth curls, but not enough.

I stand waiting…

For your first words.