Illustration by Alyson Sutherland

Talent in many forms is entirely interpretation, especially in the world of producing.

Everyone has their own definition of it, and it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific definition that I would agree with and wouldn’t end with me saying said person is better because I like them purely because I like them. So for a definition to go by, I would define a talented producer as someone who doesn’t have boundaries in their music, and someone who always has a good mix while being unique within the way they do it. According to Kenocide, a producer based in Texas, he would define a talented producer as someone who “doesn’t set themselves to one genre or style and can be unique with it.” I find it’s important to name mostly unknown/semi viral artists because I feel like naming bigger artists is less informative.

Keitaro Ujiie, more known for his alias Snail’s house/Ujico* is a producer from Japan. He’s mostly known for his Future Bass and lofi styles within his music. He’s started his own label to help younger or newer musicians grow as well. Although I don’t often listen to him because his style is a little too eccentric for me, I can’t help but appreciate the diversity within his music.

Songs like “Candy Spaceship” and “Cosmo Funk” show an extremely creative side and really shows his ability in sound design. Compared to the other side of the spectrum within his style, songs like “Journey” tend to show a more organic tone to his music. He also does lo-fi hip hop in albums like Ujibeats vol.1. But what he’s most known for are his songs like “Pixel Galaxy” and “Grape Soda” in the subgenre of future bass called Kawaii future bass.

Kimj is an artist based out of New York City and is mostly known for his hyperpop work. I often find his music and production interesting and refreshing to listen to. It’s super unique and he has this sound of pitched 808s that often has an upbeat and fluid tone that gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. Notable songs that he’s worked on include “Back n Forth” by ericDOA, most of the tracks on Eric’s album COA, “synopsis” by Glaive, and “BONErr” and “SLiiDE” by SEBii.

Finally we have Whethan. Whethan for me often seems like a sort of inspiration, especially within his sound on songs like ”When I’m Down” with Oliver Tree, which has an uplifting tone to it. He also isn’t bound to solely one or two genres because he’s produced hyperpop songs for Glaive and other people, along with pop, future bass, electro pop, and the occasional indie. I find him to be one of the best producers because his style has no bounds and is new and refreshing.

The reason I chose these specific artists is because I feel that they need more recognition and attention within our community and just in the industry in general. Of course, there are a plethora of bigger artists that I think are extremely talented like Tyler the Creator, Kanye, Mesto, and others but they are already known and don’t really need to be talked about here.

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