An example of a typical fall Instagram shot, featuring layered fashion, warm colors and all around aesthetic vibes. Photo credit to Bijou Allard.


It’s a question that has rocked the minds of anyone who has browsed color-coordinated Instagram pages and too-good-to-be-true Pinterest boards wondering which season is the most theme worthy, lotion scent-inspiring of all. In other words, which season is the most aesthetic?

Our first contestant is winter. With its cozy blankets, snowy weather, and endless amounts of bulky sweaters, winter has its fair share of Pinterest coverage. Many on “Team Winter” agree that the comforting feeling of being around family and friends is what makes winter so special. The crisp whites, sparkling silvers, and icy blues of any winter aesthetic add to the magical feeling of the season. “It’s all white and bright… the lights from people’s houses against barren trees are amazingly simplistic,” says Harper Rhodes (10). Not to mention, New Years, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter holidays are all included in this time of year. The endless amount of YouTube videos and Pinterest boards devoted to winter fashion ideas and recipes also add to winter’s aesthetic vibes.

Next up is spring. Nestled between winter and summer, spring is the time when leaves begin to creep back onto tree branches and flowers pop up from the warming soil. Spring is the unpredictable season, a mix of rain and sunny skies— a combination of the winter left behind and the summer to come. Bright colors, pastels, and floral prints are the staples of spring. The aesthetic of spring is flowy and free, after long grueling winters, it can feel like a time of rebirth. Light, loose garments and colors of blue and green embody quintessential spring.

Summer follows spring; being at the end of the school year makes it a favorite among students. Summer boasts bright colors, blue skies, and a feeling of relaxation. “There’s a kind of carefree feeling when we don’t have school,” says one anonymous student. “I don’t enjoy it heat-wise but I think it’s the nicest.” Most on “Team Summer” favor it because of the feeling of freedom and a lack of worry.

At last, we have fall. The season of earthy colors and crisp weather. Fall boasts festivities from Halloween to Thanksgiving, each adding to its earthy appeal. “You always see photos on Instagram [and] other social media that include fall themes,” says Helen Harrison (10). “The falling leaves and abundance of tea and sweaters make fall very aesthetic.” Franklin student Lucy Benoit (10) agrees, saying that everything from the orange pumpkins to the rainy weather contribute to the vivid image of fall in her mind, proving that the fashion, foliage and colorful leaves of autumn each contribute to its aesthetic.

While winter, spring, and summer each have their own unique aesthetics, an Instagram poll of around 50 high school students proved the warm colors, layered fashion, and made-for-Instagram vibes earn autumn the gold medal for best aesthetic. Fall brings the best parts of all the seasons together, boasting temperate weather, a cozy atmosphere, and amazing layered fashion.

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