Photo by Ella Pulscak Photo of my desk in my room situated in front of the windows. My desk is one of my favorite places to study when I need to be productive. 

With school getting busier and college application deadlines getting closer, my workload has started to increase tremendously. I would just like to say, whoever said that junior year was harder than the first semester of senior year straight up lied to my face. With the stack of assignments building, and the stress starting to kick in, it has become apparent that a solid routine and a couple go-to study spots are needed in order to have a successful senior year. 

A cute cafe: There really is nothing better than the traditional coffee shop. As stereotypical as it is, it really does the trick. Something about the air in those places just fills me with productivity. I’ve found myself losing track of time, doing assignment after assignment while sipping my chai tea and listening to my study playlist. It really is the ultimate weekend spot for when your to-do list is overwhelmingly long. Not only is it a productive spot to work, it also makes you feel cool, like you are living in a movie.   

Somewhere outside: I love finding a nice spot outside to get my work done. If I know it’s going to be a long study day, it is nice to find ways to incorporate fresh air into my day somehow. What better way to do this than combine the two! Whether I find a spot to set up in my yard, or I venture up to Mt. Tabor, I always find myself a bit more motivated and enjoying the workload a little bit more, if that’s even possible.

Classic desk: As lame as it is, my desk really pulls through. There have been countless nights where I’ve ended up sitting at my desk as a last resort trying to learn a subject I need to know for a test the next morning. To my surprise, it does the trick every time. I will say, as much as I hate on my desk, it really has gotten me through these four long and frustrating years of high school. I don’t know what I’m going to do without it next year.  

The Franklin Library: One place that I am just now starting to take advantage of this year is the Franklin Library. With my beloved free period I have often found myself venturing into the library with friends to crank out an assignment or two. With the big tables and the friendly staff, it makes for a very nice environment. 

A friend’s house: Another spot that I have grown fond of are friend’s houses. Lots of times, if it’s a long study day I find myself benefiting from a change of scenery throughout the day. One way I like to switch it up is meeting up with a friend! I’ll work for a few hours at my house, making sure I am actually focused, then head over to study with a friend at their house. Disclaimer, this can be less productive in some cases. Even if there is a bit more sidetracking and distractions, it is still a fun way to feel somewhat productive during a long study day.    

Late night grind in bed: I won’t lie, my bed has become a go-to spot for me over the years. Sometimes it’s just what I need. It’s comfortable, it’s reliable, and it’s realistic. Don’t try and tell me you haven’t been hunched over your homework under the covers at one in the morning frantically trying to finish an assignment last minute. We have all been there. Maybe it was sophomore year being all online that really got me attached to my bed. Whatever it was, you can find me more times than not finishing up my work the night before it’s due in bed. Don’t believe me? Guess where I am right now as I’m writing this. My bed.    

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