A pumpkin snowman at Sauvie Island’s “The Pumpkin Patch.” Pumpkin patches are a great way to enjoy pumpkin- flavored treats while riding the hayride. Photo by Tyler Margiani

Everyone loves to enjoy the fall season with corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and haunted houses. But every fun event should be accompanied by a fabulous pumpkin-flavored goodie. In case you’re in need of some good pumpkin options, below are some ideas:

1. The Iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte by Starbucks:

Perhaps the most famous Starbucks seasonal drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is excellent any time of the day and always provides a nice warming fall boost. It’s best when relaxing on a Sunday morning watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” with pumpkin cinnamon rolls. 

2. Pumpkin Pie:

While mostly a Thanksgiving dessert, it can also be considered a fall treat that is easily paired with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Elliot Nopp (11) said his mother used to encourage him to “eat pumpkin pie for breakfast,” reinforcing the popular method of pie for breakfast and dessert. 

3. Pumpkin Baked Goods:

Pumpkin cookies, muffins, donuts, bread, and bars are always a favorite snack to go with apple cider or hot chocolate. Personally, I think Trader Joes has always provided tasty seasonal treats including Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s and Pumpkin Spice Cookies. 

4. Pumpkin Spice Waffles & Pancakes:

The perfect wake up meal, pumpkin spice waffles and pancakes serve as the most important meal of the day. They are delicious with your favorite morning drink and any toppings, such as whipped cream or maple syrup with butter. 

5. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds:

This is an easy and fun way to put your carved pumpkin’s insides to use. After pumpkin carving, people will often save their pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven with some salt until they are nice and toasty. Otherwise, toasted pumpkin seeds that are equally mouthwatering can be found at grocery stores such as Whole Foods and New Seasons. 

While those are some consistent favorites, some other foods to try as the season continues are pumpkin curry, yogurt, cheesecake, and eggnog. For some creative options, there’s pumpkin hummus, oatmeal salads, bagels, mac n cheese or almond butter. Although pumpkin is not for everyone, for those who love to spend fall enjoying pumpkin treats, pumpkin brings many fond memories. Lucy Benoit (11) says, “I definitely have memories attached to pumpkin scents and flavors, like going to the pumpkin patch or carving jack-o-lanterns.” Hopefully these fun and tasty treats give you some delicious ways to spice up your fall season. 

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