Las Palmas Taquería at The Lot on Division Street in SE Portland. Photograph by Angelique Ute.

Food is a necessity, it’s a need we cannot live without, and luckily we, a human species, have created a variety of goodies and consumptions all around the world. When it’s that time of the day, when your growling stomach is unbearable and aching to enjoy a wonder, therefore would come the most important question for the moment: what should I eat? Perhaps a nice burger, a half a foot sandwich, or maybe a nine inch carne asada burrito. 

Food trucks have been popping up on the blocks of Portland, and lines are stretching far onto the roads and down the sidewalks. What everyone needs is a nice lunch break with your favorite meal, cooked at the perfect temperature, seasoned with all the tastes you can enjoy; since food carts fit all of these characteristics, they have only grown in popularity.

Aliyah Croiser, a senior at Franklin High School, suggests that Best Taste of India, at Cartlandia, has the best options when it comes to trying Indian food, “my favorite dish is the chicken tikka masala, with medium spice, and Sprite.” The food cart is located at 8145 SE 82nd Avenue, and has a variety of authentic Indian dishes and special deals every day. Best Taste of India also has many vegetarian options to choose from, so you don’t ever feel excluded! The owner, Jaswinder Singh, is also known for his curry creations, so it might be a good idea to give it a try!

Rialey Hanna, another senior at Franklin High School, recommends Namu , a food cart that embraces Korean and Hawiian cultural food. “My favorite dish there is the Aloha Bowl. It has teriyaki tofu, grilled pineapple, spinach, yakisoba noodles, rice, teriyaki sauce and comes with avocado.” Namu has many options to pick from, including a delicious vegan bowl that comes with Korean BBQ jackfruit, sesame spinach, cucumber salad, kimchi, avocado, rice, teriyaki sauce and spicy gochujang. You can visit Namu at two different locations, 5029 SE 50th and Division in The Lot, and 6035 NE Halsey St. If you order one of their plates you should expect a big meal!

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, then I would like to introduce you to Las Palomas Taquería. This food cart has a selection of meat for any of the dishes you order: steak, chicken, marinated pork, pork, pork stomach, Mexican sausage, tripe, fihsh, shrimp, and tongue. Personally, my favorite dish is the Burrito Supreme with sour cream, carne asada, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, and beans with a bottle of orange Jarrito. If you’re looking for a good sized nacho plate, then I would definitely recommend their Asada Fries, which consist of fries covered in carne asada and nacho cheese, with a spoonful of avocado. Las Palomas Taquería is located 5029 SE 50th and Division at The Lot, and 13036 SE Stark St. 

If you’re looking for new places to see and enjoy with your friends, or bring your family to have a good time, then I recommend these food trucks. Each food truck has many options for all types of eaters so you can dine in with your friends. So, please, visit one of these food carts; you may discover a new world for your taste buds! 

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