One of the new FX2 bus stops at 51st and Division. The green bendy buses are back, after a recall due to loose fasteners found on a few of the buses. Photo by Emil Nelson

TriMet launched the new FX2 bus line on Division Street on Sept. 18, 2022. Now, after a recall that occurred in November, TriMet’s articulated buses are back in full swing. This fast express line travels from downtown Portland to Gresham, employing new, longer buses as well as upgraded bus stops. 

TriMet “pulled [their] FX buses from service … after finding an issue with bolts becoming loose, which led to an industry wide recall,” explained Violet L., a customer service representative for TriMet. “After several weeks of extensive testing and analysis of [the problem], they’ve installed the fix on our buses.” 

The bendy buses, also called articulated buses, are made by Nova Bus, a company based out of New York. For Nova Bus, a member of the Volvo group, this was the second widespread recall of buses in just a few months. TriMet’s blog was sure to note that the more recent “issue with the fasteners coming loose is not related to the August 2022 recall by Nova Bus of certain Nova Bus steering equipment.” 

A notable feature of these buses is the “Transit Signal Priority Technology” that “prioritizes buses at select intersections, giving them the green light first at traffic signals to get riders to their destinations faster,” says TriMet’s blog. The buses use a new infrared technology that can “communicate with receivers on top of traffic lights” from a much farther distance than before, allowing for more accurate and calculated timing to give the buses green lights. 

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