With summer getting closer and closer, it’s natural to think ‘what am I going to wear?’ It is without a doubt that vintage trends are coming back and better than ever; this summer we will definitely be seeing vintage fashion in the flesh. I asked different high school students what they were most looking forward to wearing this upcoming summer to offer some suggestions on what to wear in summer 2021.

Cool sunglasses: Sunglasses are an amazing way to spice up any basic outfit. Since they come in so many different colors and styles they are so easy to match your outfits! Unique sunglasses are super easy to find at second hand stores/sellers such as Buffalo Exchange, House of Vintage, and Depop.

Sundresses: Sundresses are super comfortable and convenient, you can throw one on over a swimsuit or wear one just lounging around the house. Sundresses can fit into any personal aesthetic, making them super easy to style. Often times sundresses are the perfect summer option because of their convenience and cuteness!

Halter tops: Halter tops were at their peak of popularity in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, and now in 2021 they are making a comeback. All halter tops can look very different ranging in style, fit, and pattern. Halter tops are a super good summer staple because they don’t have a lot of fabric so you won’t get hot, but they still have enough coverage to feel comfortable while wearing one.

Platform Sandals: Various kinds of sandals have been coming in and out of style for a very long time, and this summer it’s all about the platform. Sandals are the perfect summer shoe because they are comfortable and breathable. Sandals can dress any outfit up or down; you can wear them to a casual lunch date with friends or a fancier event, and they are overall more convenient than other types of shoes.

Oversized button-ups: Oversized button-ups are super versatile in the ways you can style them. Just like sundresses, you could throw one on over a swimsuit, you could wear one over a tank top, or button it up and pair it with a cute pair of shorts; the options are endless! Oversized button-ups give such an effortless look but are still super cute!

Popular colors: Almost every student that gave me feedback mentioned what colors they think are going to be popular this summer. Such as green, cream, yellow, pink and orange, making it a very warm-toned season. Along with colors comes patterned everything. A lot of responses mentioned that crazy patterns including checkered prints and paisley prints will be very in. 

This year’s summer fashion trends are going to be some to remember. What I’m most excited to see is all the unique ways people are going to style trendy pieces of clothing. Always remember that confidence is key when it comes to fashion!

Drawing of Summer fashion trends. These items will definitely be seen all over the next couple of months. Illustration by: Everette Cogswell
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