A collection of summer clothing items. These are some of the items I expect to see this summer. Illustration by Everette Cogswell

As summer is approaching, so is summer fashion. With the upcoming hot weather, it’s easy to get flustered and stressed about what to wear. Luckily, I expect the trends this summer to have lots of variety, something for everyone to feel comfortable in. Here are some of the trends I anticipate to see this upcoming summer.

Long skirts

While long skirts are definitely not new to the fashion scene, I hope to see them in styles and patterns that have never been worn before. I expect a rise in denim skirts specifically, but also a lot of flowy skirts. Another style that would be more unique is an asymmetrical cut, which would work better for fancy events, or simply add a level of maturity to a summer outfit. 


Jorts are another item that have been seen many times before, but I believe this style will remain consistent. Jorts, or jean shorts, are a summer staple but as the years have gone on I’ve seen them get longer and longer in length. Some mid thigh to knee range jorts are definitely to be expected this summer, potentially with some carpenter style detailing. 

Cowboy hats

All over my pinterest I’ve been seeing outfits styled with cowboy hats. This isn’t a trend I would have predicted, but I’m not necessarily mad about it. On the day to day I would never add a cowboy hat to complete an outfit, but for concerts or other outdoor events, it is a really nice addition. Similar to last summer, I expect to see a diverse array of hat styles, but specifically cowboy hats. 

Babydoll dresses

The term “babydoll” is a semi-new term to describe a certain aesthetic. It falls into the realm of “coquette,” which consists of pastels, lace, and floral patterns, but it also can fit into various aesthetics. Babydoll dresses are short and have a more poofy skirt to give a sort of doll-like energy. I think these styles are really cute and I’d love to see more of them used. Typically, baby doll dresses are worn with some sort of platform shoe to make the skirt appear even shorter. 

One piece swimsuits

I’ve always been a fan of one piece swimsuits, so when I saw a Vogue article that said they are making a comeback (although I don’t think they really ever left) I was super excited. Not only are one pieces comfortable, but they can also be either modest or revealing, as well as practical. One pieces are super easy to either dress up or dress down and work really well when paired with a skirt, or other kinds of cover ups. 


In terms of colors, sunset shades are definitely going to be popular. Pinks, yellows, red, oranges, etc. However, I also predict there will be a lot of shades like white, black, and gray. I don’t see cool tones being as popular as warm tones, but with some more denim looks I think there could be a lot of potential for some cool usage of blues.

This summer is all about staying simple and relaxed; using statement pieces coupled with casual pieces with them to make them fit into everyday wear. I’m so excited to see the ways different people branch out with their fashion, and different plays on trends that have been around for a while now. Always remember, your style is unique to you, you can style and wear whatever makes you the happiest. If you like it, wear it!