A collection of jewelry, hats, pants, a skirt, and a shirt. These styles will be very popular this summer season. Illustration by Everette Cogswell.

As the school year comes to an end, one particular question arises: What am I going to wear this summer? Well don’t you worry any longer, I am going to break down what trends you should expect to see so you can prepare the best outfits possible. 


Recently, low-waisted items have come back in style from the 90s and early 2000s. This summer I expect to see a ton of different variations of the low-waisted style, whether in pants, shorts, or skirts. Prepare to see a huge rise in low-waisted fitting pieces, more specifically, I plan to see a lot of low-waisted fitting cargo pants that make for a more grunge style.

Mini Skirts

This school year, I’ve noticed a lot of mini skirts styled differently, all of which are absolutely adorable. It would be no surprise to see mini skirts all over this summer. One of the best things about mini skirts is how many different kinds there are. Whether denim, pleated, cargo, or cloth, you can’t go wrong with a mini skirt. 

Baby Tees

While baby tees have been trending for a couple years now, I’ve recently noticed them coming in more bizarre designs than ever before. Small brands like Romantic Blue have started making baby tees that have interesting phrases people normally wouldn’t wear on a t-shirt, such as: “Sorry, I only date Vampires.” However, they are becoming increasingly popular among content creators so I expect to see baby tees more this summer.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have taken the world by storm, causing a million different styles of platform footwear. Whether through sandals, Doc Martens, Converse, tennis shoes, or a different variation of the platform style; these kinds of shoes will definitely be seen this summer. 


Last summer, baseball hats were especially popular and I still expect to see a lot of them. I am also expecting a rise in paperboy hats, hats with a round top and a small bill traditionally worn in the 1910s and 1920s by newspaper delivery boys, this summer. As of this spring, I am noticing more and more paperboy style hats, which is actually very unexpected to me. In addition, I am expecting to see a rise in berets this summer since I’ve been seeing growth in the popularity of European influenced, specifically French, fashion styles.

Y2k comeback

It is obvious that Y2K fashion trends are gaining popularity. In the upcoming summer of 2022, I can already tell that there are going to be more colors and patterns than past summers. Not only will there be more patterns and colors, but those patterns will also be styled uniquely. Mismatched patterns and colors have also become increasingly popular, most noticeably worn by social media influencers and celebrities, meaning it’s inevitable for these mismatched styles to have increasing popularity with the general public. 


While crochet has been around for many years, only recently has it boomed in the fashion industry. Although crochet is an adorable style for summer, it has appeared more and more in the fast fashion industry, making certain crochet items extremely unethical. So if you decide to wear crochet styles this summer, be sure you are aware of how the piece was made or even make your own. 

Bizarre Beaded Jewelry

Just like last summer, I expect a lot of crazy beaded jewelry, whether necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings. As these colorful beaded jewelry pieces grow larger in popularity, brands such as Ian Charms have been creating more and more bizarre items. I think this style of jewelry will fit in perfectly with the very colorful outfits I expect to see worn this summer season. 

When it comes to fashion, more specifically when the weather’s hot, it’s easy to feel insecure and judged by others. But what’s most important to remember is that as long as you feel good in an outfit, you’ll look good in an outfit, regardless of what others think of your style. Keep in mind this summer that if you like it, wear it! 

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