Everyone knows about the original movies, the prequels, the Mandalorian, and the new trilogy in the Star Wars universe. However, not too many people know of the highly successful and popular animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The last season that aired was season 6 and that was in 2014. After six long years, fans of the show will finally get season 7 with all of the old voice actors of the previous seasons as well as new ones. The show will only be available on Disney Plus, so fans must get that streaming service. The first episode is set to air on February 21.

The Clone Wars story ties up episode II, Attack of the Clones, and episode III, Revenge of the Sith, from the Star Wars prequels. It tells the story of the struggle of the clone army and the Jedi. It has vast amounts of lore and storytelling of Anakin, Obi Wan, and Ahsoka who is a very popular character among the fans. Another fan favorite villain, Darth Maul, will be coming back as well. For anyone who is a Star Wars fan, The Clone Wars offers more to the prequels and makes the transition from episode II to episode III much more clear and smooth. It seems like season 7 will end with the beginning of the Battle of Coruscant, which is the opening scene in Revenge of the Sith. 

Since the trailer has come out, many fans have become extremely excited and have thought of lots of questions. There were many unfinished character arcs and questions left unanswered in the previous season since it was cancelled at season 6. The reason the season was cancelled was because of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilms and of it reportedly being “too graphic.” Disney then moved on to make a new Star Wars animated show called Star Wars Rebels. However, the show was short lived and was cancelled in 2018. Many fans thought the animation felt off and that the characters weren’t really important or likeable. 

Ever since the trailer, fans have been hyped to see the first episode of season 7 come out. I interviewed Josh Bingham (12), a fan of the show, says this about the recent trailer “I’m not sure what to think just yet. I hope the animation doesn’t change and doesn’t look cheaper like Star Wars Rebels.”  “I would recommend it because it adds a lot more depth to the prequels and I really like what they did with Anakin and how well done his character was,” continued Bingham.

Star Wars:The Clone Wars earned multiple awards during its screen time, including Annie Awards and BTVA Awards as well. It was a great blow to the fans when it was cancelled because of how successful the show was. Now, with the popular success of the Mandalorian, hopefully Disney Plus users and Star Wars fans who don’t know about the Clone Wars will tune in to see the revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated side of the Star Wars universe.

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