During classes students do many things like check Snapchat, doodle, or play an occasional game of Clash Royale. These are all personal actions, but know that the moment your head starts to droop and eyelids get heavy, a photo of you may be taken and later you could see a picture of yourself snoozing in class on Instagram. @fhs_sleepy_heads is an Instagram account responsible for posting submissions of students caught sleeping during instruction. The account’s first post was on December 6 of 2021 captioned: “It’s been done. You’re no longer safe” under a picture of the account’s first victim. Since then the account has gained 500 followers over the course of 32 posts and counting.

 “I like having this account as a little secret that’s just for me,” says the anonymous owner of the account. “I love how it has become sort of an inside joke within the school, and how often I hear people bringing the account up in conversation.” Samantha N (11) and many others have heard it brought up in conversation. A picture of Samantha was posted to the account on December 13 of her dozing off in class. “I thought it was pretty funny,” she says. “I’ve had people come up to me and ask if I was the one in the post.” All of the hype that this account has created has paved a way for other Franklin students to create similar accounts. Accounts range from @fhs_mask_patrol, dedicated to subjecting students or staff violating the mask mandates to public embarrassment, to accounts like @fhs_caughtpooping which… Well, it’s pretty self explanatory. While it may seem that all these accounts are invading privacy, @fhs_caught_sleeping has actually done a great job at respecting our FHS student body. In the account description they clearly state that nothing is posted without the pictured person’s consent and if something about a post upsets a viewer they can message the account to have it removed, setting a mature precedent for other accounts of similar nature. Aside from the privacy logistics, these accounts can lighten up this stressful year as we continue to navigate schooling in a pandemic with some lighthearted humor that every student can participate in. But there is one more looming question: Will you be @fhs_caught_sleeping’s next victim? 

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