Illustration by Gabrielle Campbell.

Are you a resident Franklin student or staff member? Do you live in the SE Tabor neighborhood? Are you constantly finding yourself wishing for that one snack that will just make everything better? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then this article is probably for you. Here are seven places around Franklin to find the snacks you need for an affordable price, brought to you by an experienced Franklin snacker.

1. 50th Avenue Food Cart Pod

This neat little food cart lot is home to four delicious genres of food. They have everything from waffle sandwiches and Thai food, to burgers and fries. A popular Scout favorite is the mystery tater tot bowl. For just seven dollars, you can purchase a bowl of tots with either the flavor of your choice or a surprise flavor. They have spicy tots, cheesy tots, and even truffle mushroom tots! Enjoy your food cart delicacies on the walk back to school or dine at one of the covered outdoor tables provided by the cart pod.

2. 50th Market

This is your typical Portland ‘corner store.’ Equipped with all of your junk food and drink needs at reasonably low prices, the 50th market is a short two-block walk from Franklin’s theater entrance. Near the front is an assortment of hot foods, most of which are available for only a dollar or two. Their hot foods include corn dogs, hot pockets, and delicious chicken tenders.

3. Taco Bell

Whether you’re craving fast food, looking for something cheap and easy, or are just tagging along with your friends, this is a great spot to get snacks to go around! While most menu items are below the *steep* price of five dollars, they even have an entire dollar cravings menu. The dollar menu, though modest in price, is nothing short of delicious. Stop by and pick up a chicken quesadilla melt, a bean and cheese burrito, a fritos burrito, or even a spicy potato soft taco for just one dollar!

4. Pizzicato

Located on Division and 61st, this Portland pizzeria bakes the perfect balance of chewy pizza and that nice thin and crispy crust. A fancy slice from Pizzicato costs around five dollars, with a cheese slice costing even less. Although this is a bit far to walk to during lunch, getting there and back in time for class can be manageable if you leave school in a timely manner.

5. Rain or Shine

Just across the street from Pizzicato, this lovely neighborhood coffee shop has all your typical cafe drinks and multiple cases full of baked goods, quiche, yogurt parfaits, and more. After 2 pm each day, all the bakery items are only two dollars! This deal is the perfect incentive to lure wandering high schoolers in after school or during tutorial. The relaxing and welcoming atmosphere creates the ideal conditions for studying, reading a book, or just hanging out with your friends.

6. Dollar Tree

Just off the 14 bus line at 67th and Foster, there is a surplus of goods readily available for just one dollar each. Franklin student Hayden Whitesky’s (10) favorite Dollar Tree snack combination is Honey Buns dipped in chocolate pudding. Although this sugar overload may sound risky to your taste buds, it is absolutely a treat worth tasting.

7. Plaid Pantry

Plaid is the perfect place to go to on a chilly day or when you’re low on funds. For just 99 cents, you can purchase a Cup Noodle. When you buy it, be sure to ask the cashier if they have any disposable forks. Or, if you want to boost your sustainability meter, bring one from home. Use the hot water tap on the coffee machine in the back to fill your cup, stick the fork on the edge while simultaneously holding the cover in place, and your noodles will cook while you walk!

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