1. Homecoming Dance
    1. Slay, I thought it was fun! Love a disco moment!
  2. Soccer Season
    1. SLAY, very fun to watch
  3. Mamma Mia
    1. SLAY, go read my Mamma Mia review yo!
  4. Volleyball Season
    1. Slay, very fun to watch but it would get so hot in the gym.
  5. Winter Dance Showcase
    1. Slay, very fun to watch and I’m excited for Arts Alive! 
  6. Choir/band Concert
    1. Slay, I love band, especially percussions 
  7. Cross Country
    1. Slay, 4th and 8th at State?? You better work 
  8. ASB Olympics: Girls Football
    1. Slay, fun but it was FREEZING omg 
  9. Football Season Opener Tailgate
    1. Slay, fun! 
  10. Art Fair
    1. Slay, very fun and gives student artists a great platform to sell and share their art! 
  11. Senior Sunrise
    1. Slay in theory but the trees blocked the sunrise LOL
  12. People pulling the fire alarms
    1. Nay, so not cool. Make it stop. 
  13. Squeaky Shoes
    1. Nay, actually the worst and I’ve almost fallen down in public TOO many times from slippery shoes. 
  14. Preparing for Finals
    1. Nay, luckily I don’t have too many but still sucks nonetheless 
  15. Student Store Drawings
    1. Slay, very fun and cute. 
  16. Osa leaving
    1. Nay, so sad 
  17. School BeReals
    1. Slay, very entertaining 
  18. The rats on campus
    1. Nay, far too many jumpscares while walking to the gym building. 
  19. Walking to the Gym from Main Building
    1. Nay, especially when it’s raining?? No way
  20. Parking @ school (well the lack of)
    1. Nay, luckily I’ve found a good spot that’s always open…but it’s a secret
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