I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m scared

I’m scared of a lot of things

I’m scared of ghosts, well, not ghosts persay, more like evil spirits or demons

I like to think there are some good ghosts hanging around

I’m scared of global warming, man that’s terrifying

The idea that our world is gonna die in what, 12 years is it?

Damn. All that stuff I talked about in my last poem? Wouldn’t even get the chance

Wouldn’t be able to raise a family or get a house or build a career, really live

Although I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans, that’s a plus

Or retirement and getting old, maybe it isn’t too bad.

I’m scared of shots, ya know, the ones you get at the doctor’s?

Although I’m proud to say I’m getting better with that one

It’s not as bad anymore

But, at the same time, I’m getting a new fear of shots

Ones that ring out in churches and schools and malls

Ones that kids are having to run from, people of color are having to run from, people are having to run from

Bullets that are taking away family and love, safety and education, comfort and trust

Yes, this is *that* kind of poem because you know what I’m pissed

I’m sick of the horror stories and the lack of political action

I’m tired of people not thinking it’s their problem, god, does your child have to die for you to understand the issue?

I’m scared for me and my female friends,

Who have to walk with fear

Be blamed for choices we never had

Be ridiculed for style that never gave permission

Be seen as only a woman, when I promise we are so much more

Girls, who’s ‘no’s somehow give people a right for them to be murdered, beaten and threatened

When women are gifted tasers and pepper spray but men are not taught of rape culture one would think that the worry is clear

Does your daughter, wife, friend have to be raped before you see the problem?

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m scared

A lot of us are scared

Scared of our loved ones dying or being hurt

Scared that we’re out of time

12 years exactly out of time

Man, I wish all I have to be scared of were doctor’s shots and evil demons

But I don’t have the luxury to be scared by those little things anymore

In fact I don’t have the option to let anything paralyze me with fear

Cause what will that do?

We only have 12 years to fix a lot and while fear may be the best motivator it’s the best killer and I already have too many things trying to kill me


I’m forced to shove any doubt I have left with the demons,

And take a shot of strength

Cause I’ll admit it I’m scared, but why’s that gotta stop me?

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