Before you read this article, you should understand that none of these fall under the category of “life hacks”. If you’re looking for those, all I can offer is this: If you’re running late for school and don’t have time to get ready, combine breakfast and cleaning by showering in soup. Your body’s soup chakras will be awakened and your skin will gain a nice glow. I recommend barley soup for beginners and clam chowder if you’re seeking a deeper cleanse.

As far as actual self care goes, keeping yourself motivated and mentally clear is the number one priority. I’m sure everyone can relate to running out of steam and having a negative physical reaction. Exercise is the best thing I can recommend for times like these. It doesn’t really matter what kind of exercise, so long as it gets your heart beating a little faster. A brisk walk up Mt. Tabor or even around the block several times can do wonders for a stagnant mind.

However, sometimes that’s not enough. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with feeling awful. Everyone has bad days, bad weeks, bad months, even bad years. Trying to meet the expectation that life needs to be okay all the time creates enough pressure to make anyone miserable. Within reason, it’s okay to take a day to be royally pissed off. Listen to some fast music, scream into a pillow, anything that lets you release pressure in a safe way is brilliant.

So maybe those things don’t help and the void creeps ever closer. That’s chill. Take the chance and change up your schedule completely just for fun. You don’t need to form new habits, but just try and structure your day completely differently than you usually do. You may find the change refreshing and discover a new daily habit improves your day to day life. I found stretching when I wake up or doing a bit of homework before I leave for school to be a welcome change. However, the best way to spice things up is to summon a demon. I can’t stress enough how much this can change a morning routine.

Another way to add something new to a day is to read a book. Finding an engaging book can be an emotional boost that can help life seem less threatening. Here’s a quick list of books that kick ass: Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen, Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, and High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. All of these are excellent titles that are absolutely worth your time.

Sometimes it seems like nothing will work. You’re bummed out, stuck in a rut, and probably feeling pretty lost. If all else fails, try picking up a new skill. That might seem daunting, but I promise trying something that requires thought and practice will help you to regain lost momentum and give you something to occupy your time with that you can be proud of.

If any of this helped you push through a static day then share it with a friend who might be in a similar situation. This article is by no means a fix all or a stand in for proper help when needed, rather it’s some suggestions I have based on what helps me when I feel defeated by life.  

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