Alden Roy joined the Post halfway through his junior year and has been a cherished member of the staff since, as a talented writer and equally talented baker. As a writer, he has written a number of compelling articles, his favorite being a Forum titled “The SAT Needs to Go.” I also strongly recommend you read his piece “The Case for Free College in the United States” (and the rest of his stories too, obviously). As a baker, he brought us pretzel bites during pre-COVID late nights. 

Alden’s favorite part of being on the Post was being in person and meeting a bunch of great people! Alden’s other high school activities and accomplishments include tennis, cross country, symphonic band, co-founding the chess club, and being a huge nerd. His favorite part of high school was joining the Post (duh) and exploring other extracurricular activities. 

Here is a special shoutout from Alden to Ms. Kirsch: “Thank you Kirsch! Post became my favorite class ever in less than a month because of how great [of] a job you and everyone else have done!”

Next year, Alden is off to OSU to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science. See, he wasn’t kidding when he said he was a huge nerd! Go Alden! 


Next up is our beloved director of social media and marketing, Arden Horacek. Arden’s phenomenal sense of humor and contagious giggle have brightened the atmosphere of the Post these past two years. She is also a fantastic writer who has written a variety of stories across multiple sections of the paper. Her favorite story she has written was for Sports, called “Is Pregnancy Compatible With a Career in Women’s Sports?” 

During her time on the Post, Arden loved being in such a supportive classroom, where you could have so much fun with the staff, but where there was also a level of professionalism and respect. Aside from journalism, Arden participated in a number of extracurricular activities including the Youth Action Council, Dance at Franklin Company, and Franklin Dance Council. If you’ve attended a Franklin Dance show in the past three years, you have no doubt seen Arden absolutely grace the stage with her unmatched talent. Performing in Arts Alive is one of Arden’s favorite high school memories, along with meeting some of her best friends and creating amazing connections with people! She would also like to give a shout out to the Post tradition of secret snowflake potluck. 

Next year, Arden is Southern California bound! She will be attending the Honors 

Program at the University of San Diego studying international business and minoring in French. Go get ‘em girl!


It’s now time to introduce (and say goodbye to) one of our incredible, show-stopping editors in chief (EIC): Bijou Allard. Bijou took Intro to Journalism her freshman year, before joining the Post for her next three years of high school. She was first a writer and then a Forum Editor her second year. Without her, the Post may have fallen apart. She has written so many incredible stories over the years, her favorite of which is called “I’m Not Like Other Girls, I’m worse: Understanding Our Culture’s Hatred of Teen Girls.” 

Bijou’s favorite thing about being on the Post was the amazing community. During her time at Franklin, Bijou was also involved with the National Honors Society. She served as the Volunteer Coordinator one year and President the next. Overall, her favorite part of high school was making great friends. 

Bijou would like to say that she’s so glad she got to work with so many wonderful people on the Post! I think it’s safe to say they were all glad to work with you too, Bijou. 

Next year, Bijou is headed to Orange County, California to attend Chapman University. Go Bijou!


Bryan Webster was our other incredible and show-stopping EIC this year. Like Bijou, I don’t know what we would have done without his leadership. During his other year on the Post, he was a Feature Editor. When asked if he has a favorite story he’s written, Bryan said “nah.” I would personally recommend his story called “The Bachelorette is a Sport—You’re Just Watching It Wrong.” You should honestly read all of his stories, though. 

Bryan’s favorite part of being on the Post was the community. Can’t argue with that! Outside of journalism, he devoted many hours to music as part of FHS band. He also participated in Con Law. His favorite part of high school, though, was late nights on the Post. 

Bryan would like to leave you with the following quote: “I hope you’ve got an army of raisins because I’ve got a major scoop.” Thanks for that, Bryan!

Next year, Bryan will be attending the Honors College at the University of Oregon. Go Ducks! 


Emma Smith has been on the Post for two years, first as a writer and then as our amazing Literary Editor! Her two favorite stories she wrote were “Rethinking Christianity” and “Winter Treats to Help You Feel Sweet!”

Her favorite part about being on the Post would probably be the community and bond that all of us have together. “A lot of people on the Post come from different circles but when we are all together and working or just going off on crazy tangents it’s like we’ve know each other for a long time, and I think you can really feel that as soon as you step into the room or join a google meet,” she says. Outside of journalism, Emma was part of the club Nerd Out her freshman year, helped make merchandise for the Arts Alive gallery and handled the cashiers stand, as well as being part of JV Swim junior year. She says she doesn’t really have a favorite part of high school, but she always looked forward to going to her English and Writing classes, and ceramics was always fun.

Next year, Emma is going to go to PCC for two years on a transfer degree and then transferring to PSU, majoring in English with the intent on then getting a master’s in teaching so that she can become a high school English teacher. Go Emma!


Next up is Evelyn Coffey, who was a beloved member of the Post this year, along with her cat, who was an honorary member. Evelyn’s writing was personal and comforting, like drinking a warm cup of tea. Her favorite story she wrote is a great example of this, and is about trying to find plants her cat won’t eat (“Reasoning With a Plant Goblin”). She loved writing about her cat. 

Evelyn’s favorite part of the Post was the feeling of community, and how helpful and supportive every staff member is. She also says she wishes she joined sooner and encourages everyone who’s interested to go for it! Evelyn didn’t do many extracurriculars at Franklin, but her favorite part of high school was watching everyone change from beginning to end, good or bad. 

She would like to give a major shoutout to the Franklin Post staff for being rad!

Next year, Evelyn is off to college! Go Evelyn!


Okay, I guess it’s time to talk about myself. I’ve been on the Post for two years, both of them as Arts and Entertainment Editor. My two favorite stories I’ve written are “It’s Time to Say Goodbye to College Elitism” and “Anti Democracy: The Domestic Terrorist Attack on the Capitol” (co written with Mira Kron and Liv Lufkin). 

My favorite part of being on the Post has been editor late nights. I’m thinking specifically of our final editor late night on March 12, 2020, when Bryan and I learned a coronavirus themed Tiktok dance. Other than the Post, I’ve involved myself in far too many things, including co-founding Franklin Mental Health Advocacy, Green Team, NHS, Dance at Franklin Company, Franklin Dance council, co-choreographing the musicals, Con Law, and being involved with running the Climate Justice class. I’m also a huge nerd. I joke that my favorite part of high school has probably been being a nerd and stretching myself way too thin. But actually, I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing people these past four years and found things that interest me.

Next year, I’m off to the Honors College at the University of Oregon to study Political Science. 


The Post was incredibly lucky to have had Jazmine Carter as a writer this past year. Jaz’s dedication to both her stories and the topics they’re about have added so much to our issues this year. She also brought workplace horror stories to the Post community, which certainly made our meetings more interesting. All of the stories she’s written are fantastic, but her favorite is called “The Beauty of Black Hair.” 

Her favorite part of being on the Post because of how welcoming everyone was. It was the first class she felt comfortable being herself in. Jaz was involved in the Franklin community in other ways, too, through ASB, BSU, and cheer. Her favorite part of high school was becoming friends with people she now calls her family. 

Jaz would like to leave you with the quote “Black excellence is everywhere.”

Next year, Jaz will be studying journalism at Northern Arizona University. Go Jaz!


Kate Patterson is wrapping up her second year on the Post and second year as Feature Editor. Her commitment to the journalistic process and her commitment to bringing us the occasional baked good during late nights have made her a cherished member of our community. Her favorite story she’s written is about her hunt for the best cupcake in Portland

Her favorite part of the Post was editors late night, when we were all exhausted and we had lots of work to do, but we were in it together, got to be in the building late, and had pizza. Kate also participated in cross country, track and field, Con Law, and mental health advocacy club. Her favorite part of high school was running with the cross country team at Mt. Tabor.

Kate would like to share her favorite river name, which is Toutle River! Thanks for that fun fact, Kate!

Next year, Kate is off to Tacoma to attend the University of Puget Sound, where Ms. Kirsch went! Go Kate!


Liv Lufkin has been our Sports Editor for two years now. Her dedication to her section, which does not always get a lot of interest from writers, has been unmatched. We are very thankful for her. Liv’s favorite story she’s personally written came out this issue (you can find it in the Variety section of our website), and is her goodbye to the Post. So sad!

Liv’s favorite part of the Post has been being on a team of incredible people who were all working their hardest to create something to share with the community. The Post introduced her to some of her best friends, who she may not have met otherwise and really gave her a purpose throughout her last two years of high school. Liv has participated in a number of other high school activities, including swimming, varsity women’s soccer, Earth Club, Spanish Immersion, and helping to create the Climate Justice curriculum. Her favorite things about high school have been making friends, playing sports, and finding the things she’s passionate about. 

Liv would like to shout out Kirsch for being one of the best teachers/mentors/friends ever. Also, to the people in the front left corner of the room last year who never stopped making her laugh. And of course, to our lovely classroom computers who taught her patience, perseverance and that frustration gets you absolutely nowhere.

Next year, she plans on attending American University within the Policy, Politics and Law 3 year program. We’re so proud of you, Liv! 


Mira Kron has been a much appreciated addition to the Post and the editorial staff this past year. Her writing skills have made each of her stories crisp and captivating, and her patience and enthusiasm with her writers have left the Forum section in good hands. Mira’s favorite story she’s written is called “Mushroom Mania: A Beginner’s First Foray into Mushroom Foraging.”

Mira’s favorite part of being on the Post was the community. Even though she only experienced it online, it still felt like a really supportive environment and everyone always helped each other out. She also enjoyed getting to know writers and editing stories they wrote about things they were passionate about. Outside of journalism, Mira participated in Franklin Mental Health Advocacy, Earth Club, Climate Justice, a bit of theater, and was definitely a huge nerd. Her favorite part of high school was meeting new people and spending time with friends. 

Next year, Mira is joining the Pitzer College class of 2025 in Claremont, California! Go Sagehens! 


In her time as a writer for the Post, Odessa Sabala has written a number of important stories commenting on modern social issues. We have been lucky to have had her strong voice and writing skills this year. Her favorite of her articles she’s written was on sexual assault in schools, specifically how it’s a topic too often ignored by school administrations. It’s definitely worth the read!

Odessa’s favorite part of being on the Post was the rest of the staff and how everyone made it a great environment to be in. She was also in Step Up at Franklin. Her favorite part of high school was the friends she made!

Next year, Odessa is headed to Austin, Texas to attend St. Edward’s University. Congratulations Odessa!


In the year that he’s been on the Post, Ryan Kovatch has become an absolute asset. His love for anything to do with language means that he is really, really good with words. He is also a dedicated and patient editor, and my co-editor, for the Arts and Entertainment section. Ryan’s favorite story he wrote was on COVID-19 and the music industry, because he got to interview some of his favorite artists.

Ryan’s favorite part of being on the Post was chatting with the team about anything and everything. He says we always had the best conversations! Outside of the Post, Ryan spent his time in high school playing soccer for two years before switching his focus to writing and doing work in computer security. His favorite part of high school was meeting the best friends he’s ever known and sharing some incredible moments with them. 

Ryan would like to shout out Taylor Swift, who got him through it, and Ms. Kirsch, who also got him through it but who unfortunately has no music to stream. 

Next year, Ryan will be joining Alden in studying computer science—but at his rival school. May the best nerd win! Ryan also hopes to study linguistics as a minor. The University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College is lucky to have you, Ryan!


Last but not at all least is Sadie Tresnit. Sadie has been involved with journalism at Franklin for all four years of high school. She took Intro as a freshman, joined the Post as a writer sophomore year, went on to become Arts and Entertainment Editor the following year, and is now one of the Forum Editors as a senior. She has undoubtedly excelled as both a writer and editor. While she doesn’t have a favorite story, she especially liked writing for Forum. Whether or not she is biased towards her own section is up for debate. 

Sadie’s favorite part of being on the Post was, well, everything! But specifically, she loved making so many new friends and working together on such a cool paper. While the Post was her favorite part about high school, she also spent her time at Franklin participating in band (including playing in the orchestra pit during musicals), Earth Club, National Honors Society, Con Law, and being a huge nerd. 

Sadie has two quotes she would like to share each said by fellow Post staff. “She’s like a saltine cracker missing the salt,” said by Ru Conrad (11). “I’m not like other girls… I’m WORSE,” said by Bijou Allard (12). 

Next year, Sadie will continue being a nerd at Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon! 

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