Caption: Photo taken by Carson Statham. Photo depicts nail tapping ASMR, a common form of ASMR. In recent years, many different styles of ASMR have evolved.

As ASMR continues to increase in popularity, the platform for different ASMR styles has grown as well. For those who are unfamiliar with the acronym, ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response.’ The term is defined by a pleasant tingling sensation that some people experience throughout their body, when hearing certain soft sounds such as whispering or brushing. A trigger is a term used in the ASMR community, described as an audio/visual stimuli, creating a satisfying feeling.

Hannah B. is an experienced ASMRtist, amassing over two hundred thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, Chili b ASMR. In my interview with her, she wrote about the benefits of ASMR: “It’s good anytime someone can take a moment to breathe, let their mind wander.” ASMR is used mainly to relieve stress and help people fall asleep. As an enjoyer of ASMR for over two years, I can personally say it has helped me wind down at night when I need to sleep. Of course, it took time to find what I liked to listen to specifically, but through research and experience with different styles, I’ve learned what helps me relax the most. I have compiled a ranking of the five most popular ASMR styles, and have included my thoughts on each of them.

Mukbang ASMR consists of eating a meal with exaggerated chewing, and in my opinion, it tends to be the most vulgar style of ASMR. The chewing and mouth sounds can be irritating to listen to while trying to relax, especially when falling asleep on an empty stomach. The mukbang videos I watched almost always included some slurping sound, which is an automatic dealbreaker for me. I never understood how a constant chewing sound could be a comforting trigger. I could not find anything fascinating about watching someone eat and make chewing noises. The amplified sounds of eating never seemed satisfying, resulting in mukbang being fifth in my ranking.

Fourth, there is up-close and personal ASMR. This style consists of the ASMRtist getting very close to the camera and microphone to seem more personable and intimate. They speak in a calm and caring manner to create a more intense audio/visual trigger. This style’s appeal to be more personal can be effective, depending on the ASMRtist. If the viewer is not convinced of the friendly manner then the video is pointless. But if done correctly, it can be extremely calming, as the words have more meaning for comfort.

Spiritual ASMR is for those who seek the serenity of meditation but are too tired to actively practice it and would rather lie down. I ranked this style third because the main reason people listen to ASMR is to destress and that is the leading goal of spiritual ASMR. The point of spiritual ASMR is to feel like your body is resetting, with the words of affirmation softly spoken to you. Spiritual ASMR is a broad style because there are many different types of healing practices, but all serve the same purpose: to heal. The words must sound meaningful to create a calming effect. I would consider spiritual ASMR to be better than personal because it serves a specific purpose and can be perfect for lulling you to sleep through healing words and actions.

Ranked second best is basic ASMR. Basic ASMR is a very straightforward style. This form often involves common triggers like whispers, tapping, or scratching sounds. What makes this basic style so great is how we can connect it to our daily lives. The triggers used are often heard in our everyday lives and are made up of the common sounds we make or hear. We can find a casual comfort in these familiar noises.

Finally, the most stress-relieving and calming style is point of view (POV) ASMR. This style always consists of a setting and at least one character talking to the camera as if you were there with them. The most favorable scenario subcategories are ‘medical’ and ‘doing your makeup.’ The appeal to this style is the amount of attention you’re getting while staying in the comfort of your bed. POV ASMR is a form of ASMR that is limited only by your imagination.

As the ASMR community continues to grow, the styles are becoming endless. There are an abundance of videos to choose from to help you escape into a stress free environment. ASMR is meant to help you, no matter what style you like. Hannah B. wrote: “One thing I find important in an ASMRtist is that they feel like I can relax in their presence, even if they aren’t physically in the room with me.” Make sure to comment your favorite ASMR style under my article at!

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