An illustration of Nora Hugo by Pearl McNames.

Most likely to adopt a child or a raccoon she finds on the side of the road.

Nora has been on the staff of the Post for three years, serving as one of the three Editors-In-Chief of the newspaper this year. Her favorite section to write for is Variety, where she served as an editor last year. When asked what she’ll miss about the Post, she says, “I know this may seem controversial, but I’ll really miss Editor’s Late Nights. The energy can get stressful, but it also is where we solve big problems and work together the most. The camaraderie is pretty unbeatable.” Next year, she’s “looking forward to the East Coast autumns to live out [her] Gilmore Girls dreams” while attending Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. One thing she thinks every Franklin student should do before graduating is “go to a sports game that doesn’t usually have a large crowd. This year I went to as many women’s varsity soccer games as I could with my friend and had a blast.”

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