Photo by Violette Creel

Portland has many sweet and lovely places to get goodies and hot drinks. Ranging from donuts to french pastries, Portland has many options for everyone. Each option has its unique perks and choices for any sweet tooth or coffee addict. Here I have listed some local places that are definite fan favorites. 

Tabor Bread 

Tabor Bread is an admirable bakery that creates a large array of beautiful pastries fresh every morning, which are beloved by the locals. Their menu consists of lovely sweets and brunch options as well. Not only do they bake, but they also offer bread making classes and teach you the skills to become a better baker. I recommend this place to those of you who want a taste of natural culinary creations that satisfy the need for a healthy and local breakfast, brunch, lunch or snack. This place can be found at the intersection of Hawthorne and 50th.

Voodoo Doughnut

This donut shop has many interesting and experimental options to try, with flavors such as grape, guava, mango, chili pepper, hibiscus, maple bacon and many more, including some classic flavors. They have a unique style, that gives off the feeling of an eighties diner with its unique setup and massive amount of bright colors, mainly pink. This bakery has earned its recognition from Portland and eventually became a bit of a landmark for tourists. To make up for it, all their creations are each delectable in their own way. Voodoo can be found at multiple locations around Portland. 

Saint Cupcake

This cute cupcake shop lets you choose from a large variety of cupcakes ranging in size to appease your sweet tooth. Along with the delightful array of tiny cakes, the interior of the shop is packed with simplistic decor to make you feel as though you’re in a tiny dollhouse, with small snacks to brighten up your day. “Their cupcakes are really yummy and cute, they’ve got a good presentation,” states Clara Johnk (10), who has visited the charming place on multiple occasions. This shop has many locations.

La Petite Provence

This French bistro bakery serves everything from breakfast to dinner, but is best known for its exquisite desserts. With tarts and cakes made with care, you are sure to enjoy every last bite. Lunch and dinner options vary from onion soups, to salads, to even fish. The furniture reminds you of a tiny french room, where you can sit and read the paper with elegance and sophistication. A place as lovely as this, deserves to be kept on Portland’s map. 

Albina Press

With creations from local artists, amusing foam art, and quaint mechanics for the making of their hot drinks, Albina Press is perfect for those of you who appreciate authentic presentation. “The art on the walls makes it feel really cute and calm,” says Hannah Bray (10), proving that simple things such as paintings can make a shop more comfortable for the customers. It’s easy to imagine coming here and sitting down with a typewriter, clicking away to the beat of the indie music playing softly in the background of the customers tender conversations. Albina Press has multiple shops in Portland.

Overall, Portland has and always will be home to many wonderful places to get sugary sweets and pastries, as well as hot and cold drinks that compliment any goodie. As this town grows in the future, we can all hope that more local eats will spring up and serve some more wonderful food.

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