I thought this must be

The place for you and me

Live a like and unlike

And in love harmony

Now I cannot scream or fight no more

The bodies burn in the streets

Choke on the soot and feed

Flames with the flowers they deserve but

Now cannot see

Thought for so long our home to be

A heavenly hill they wanna climb up into

But no it’s just the Hell that they crawl up until

At the top we tell them get out die don’t matter to me

The start of the end looked a lot like the rest

Low engagement despite divisiveness

Just saw no difference to the cruel treatment

Of the ones who had brought my pigment to this privileged seat

Now I dread just to think they’d forgot your names

Felipe Alonzo-Gomez, Jakelin Call Maquin

And your ages barely added up to thirteen

Kept you in cages now you won’t live for the dream

Itemized now I idolize who you could’ve been

Next generation suffed by incompetence

Legal injustice astray in the office

Jesus how’d all of it come to this

You ain’t seen the half of it

You’d never hoped for, I forsake the foreseen

I’m sorry I’m sure you never had to face it before

Face it this is a war they have fought just to be

Alive like you and me in the home of the brave

And the land of the free

Now you’ll take what you’re given and use it like me

Like the megaphone it is, you will repeat this

You won’t forget this, only so much we’ll 

Now I cannot scream or fight no more

Cry out in the cold mining old country gold

To profit from war

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