TO the dead squirrel on the side of the road:

Did anything ever tell you your tail is of the perfect fluff?

Did you reach that pine cone?

TO the magenta smile of the lady eating beets:

Do you open for radishes? Or just non-bitter roots?

TO the friend who won’t survive the zombie apocalypse:

Do you drag your feet in snow boots? 

Are you translucent in the first sunny summer days?

Do you like langua? (Tongue is close to brain)!

TO the left-too-long-tea:

Should I try to honey you?

TO the French “R”:

Ça te ressemble? 

TO the beauty mark:

Do you too love the genre of beautiful people doing nothing in beautiful places; like beautiful Spain or beautiful you?

TO the curmudgeon:

Are there cookies hidden in your beard?

Do you love Niki Manaj?

TO the stunt man:

Can you hit that jump and take a fuggin’ thump?

Do you cry in your dreams?

TO the betrothed:

Many lives many wives!

TO the ant on my pizza:

Does cheese make your legs sticky?

TO the lense:

Can you feel it when you’re in focus?

TO the one who loves puzzles:

Do you miss me?

TO the lone eyelash:

Did anyone else wish on you?

Are you a romantic or a realist?

TO the wool scarf:

Do you itch when you touch the neck?

TO the wanderer:

Is this your pen, photograph, dimple, leaf rubbing, unknowable truth, single earring; is this your love letter?