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Not Everything is Terrible 

Image of dolphins swimming much like those in the canals of Venice. Image via freeimages.com.

The Coronavirus has messed up all of our lives; it’s disappointing and just about everyone is sad. Sadness and depression due to the recent events and effects of COVID-19 are natural responses. Humans are meant to socialize. When we’re trapped in our houses, laying on the couch, watching too much television, interacting with the same two or three people every day, feeling crummy is very understandable. For myself, I know the first week off was definitely the hardest. For a lot of students, school and extracurricular activities keep us driven. For me, it’s going to at least five meetings a week, pushing myself in weight training, looking forward to seeing my friends and overall just having things in my life I need to do. 

As I am a senior in high school, quarantine hit me very hard. I and seniors both within Franklin and around the world have worked hard our entire high school career in looking forward to life beyond high school but especially our last semester. Knowing that I won’t get to show off my pottery at Arts Alive, have my last Editors Late Night for the Post, celebrate ourselves at the senior assembly, take pictures with my friends for our college commitments and possibly not even have a graduation ceremony makes me very sad. I know it’s for a good cause though, flattening the curve. Saying that, however, I’ll echo what every news article, Instagram post, Tik Tok and Tweet say, which is that we still can be sad. Being sad is okay. 

Although COVID-19 is affecting the world in so many negative ways, there still are good things going on in the world. Although they might not make you any happier or more optimistic about life, that’s okay! Great things have happened in response to people not spending time out in the world, especially for mama nature. In China, the lack of production in factories due to government-mandated quarantines has resulted in fewer pollutants in the air, leading to blue skies and air that is safe to breathe. In Italy, as tourism has halted, the canals of Venice are much cleaner and marine life such as dolphins have come back to swim there. As there is a decline in travel, especially flying, the sky is receiving a much-needed break from planes. 

When it comes to the care of people, there has been a spike in the attention being given to the elderly community as well as those who are now considered essential workers. Companies are learning more about empathy when it comes to helping with relief and being creative with solutions to what their consumers are facing in response to COVID-19. For the elderly community, it’s all about supporting and caring for them in whatever way possible. This has included others who don’t have compromised immune systems getting those who do groceries, meals and other supplies. It has also meant spreading awareness, not only for those who are elderly but for those who don’t have access to resources by extreme social media sharing on all platforms. Essential workers such as those in the healthcare field, grocery store employees, sanitation workers and so many more are the superheroes of today. They’re being praised, rightfully so, and celebrated all around the world for the amazing work they do and the awful conditions they’re enduring. One of these celebrations has been the 7PM clap out and pot/pan bang to give thanks to those workers. 

Although many companies are also struggling in this time of economic stress, they are trying to donate what they have to COVID-19 relief efforts or even contribute to the need for supplies. Examples include Nike creating face shields with help from Oregon Health & Science University by using materials used for shoes. Apparel companies are also shifting their focus to help produce masks and other medical equipment. 

This information may have made you feel an ounce better or it may have done nothing and that’s okay too! I know this time is really really rough. I feel like I’m gonna burst into tears every couple hours and looking at the news is something I know I should do but I want more than anything to not. We as a world are going to get through this. It definitely is going to take time and it’s going to suck to not see the people we love, leave our houses or have fun but try to spend some time focusing on the positive. The sun is shining, you’re alive and people love you. 

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