A quote submitted by the account’s owner and also the favorite quote they posted. Photo via fhsteacherquotes’  Instagram.

TW//mention of suicide

Following the demise of the sleep-inducing fhs_sleepy_heads Instagram account that rose to prominence before winter break 2021, and the school favorite fhspooppoet that shook Franklin students at the beginning of the school year, accounts such as the fhsteacherquotes and fhsconfessions__ rose to fame. These accounts might seem stupid to some people, but they often spice up other people’s boring feeds. 

With over a hundred staff members at Franklin, there are bound to be an undeniably copious amount of “inspiring” quotes from teachers. Hence why the fhsteacherquotes account was brought to life. The creation of the account was inspired by an anonymous student who kept a physical copy of a quote book. “One of my teachers recommended that one of us should find a way to make it public. I felt like making an Instagram account was the best way to get a lot of students’ own contributions to the actual crazy things teachers at FHS sometimes say,” the page’s anonymous handler explained. The account advocates for the anonymity of all teachers, submitters, and themselves. “I know some of my friends definitely know who I am. I love you all but please don’t give me away.” The account garnered 274 followers in less than two months after its first post.

The fun doesn’t stop with the followers, because the owner enjoys running the account as well. “I think it’s super fun for everyone when you actually can tell which teacher said something even despite the fact there are [of course] no names attached to the posts.” Actually, a personal favorite of mine is a quote I got to hear firsthand: “An essay is like a skirt— long enough to cover the important stuff, but short enough to keep it interesting.” Very wise words, I must say. 

On the other hand, the confession page instantly became a student favorite with over 646 followers, 209 posts and hundreds of submissions (I might be one of those who submitted, but I assert my rights against self-incrimination). Fhsconfessions__ is popular not just because of the amount of hot tea being spilled but also because of the amusing oversharing entries, such as the amazing expeditions of students in the school bathrooms and in Clinton Park. 

The confession account took inspiration from Grant High School’s confession account. The account owner believes that followers find the confession account as a place to get thoughts out of their chest or a place they could confide in, hence all the oversharing entries. After all, the account was also made for people to, as quoted by the owner, “share about things and topics with unsavory or embarrassing undertones which in and of itself is controversial.” The owner also shared the inconvenience and uncomfortableness they feel whenever people share invasively personal information about themselves, because most people namedrop. “A part of me is glad that I’m the one with this account and not someone else, especially considering the amount of damage that could be caused if this information fell into the wrong hands.”

At the same time, the account owner also expresses their concern over the amount of submissions related to suicide.  “It puts me in a position where I am responsible for their lives and safety, while having no way to connect to them or try to get them help,” they also revealed worries on the possibilities that they, as the account owner, are the only one who knows about the submitter’s feelings or the possibility that they could be the only person who cares. “And a part of me feels like if the worst comes to worst, their blood will be on my hands and my hands alone. I don’t know if you can tell but I’m not very fond of it.” Due to these worries, the account has published a story highlight containing resources and youth help hotlines for students who are going through difficult times. 

Avid readers of the confession page could most certainly agree that half of the submissions are all about and targeted to the hill kids. To those of you who are confused who these “hill kids” are, they are a group of kids who students associate with Clinton Park. According to someone who considers himself a hill kid, Max Klepczynski, hanging out and smoking at the park doesn’t automatically make you a hill kid. “A hill kid is a person who actively tries to take care of, look out for, and be a part of the family. It takes effort and a show of understanding in order to be considered a hill kid by anyone who is ACTUALLY in the family,” Klepczynski asserts and continues to say that being a hill kid also means facilitating personal growth that adults fail to teach. 

I was personally confused about the hill kid confessions and it took me a while to understand all the fuss, but I honestly think people should just stop poking their noses into other people’s businesses. “What I think about hill kid hate is that all press is good press; none of us actually care what anyone says, online or otherwise. We are who we are,” Klepczynski added. To sum it up, hill kids exist in generations, it’s a culture and a community that “has always existed and always will.”

Just like the owner of the teacher quotes account, this account owner also enjoys running the account because it feeds their God complex. “My favorite confessions are the ones where people admit their crushes and it happens to be me, which is only made more amusing by the fact that I run this account.” 

As someone who’s a lowkey nosy and an ex-Wattpad reader, these accounts feed my hunger for scoops, although most of the submissions are probably not even true or just made up. I honestly thought it was pretty stupid at first, but it’s actually a good source of laughter. There are some disturbing entries, however, so you’ll either be rolling in laughter or cringe from disgust.

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