I am four years old and I see my dad walk out the door. I ask myself what I did wrong, why he would want to leave us. The next day, I go down the stairs and I see my mom cooking breakfast. But I can tell she’s not the same. I see her drowsy eyes and the sad look on her face. I empathize with my mom. Even though I’m hurt, a spark ignites in me. I tell myself if my dad won’t be the man in the house, than I will. What my father didn’t know was that him leaving made me more independent, hardworking, and resilient.

 Before my dad left me, he introduce me to the world of dance. Not only a sport but a way to express yourself.  It was then in first grade, I started to make a name for myself as I stepped onto the dance floor.  Fifteen years later, I am in a pre-professional company. Dancing makes me more independent because I don’t have to rely on anyone to get me there. I go to Bodyvox Dance Program 5 days a week. I manage to go to dance for more than four hours and still have time to go home and work on my homework. Being independent has made me a stronger person because even though my dad left me, I am able to control my emotions and it makes me more confident because I am the only one who is in control of my destiny.  

I am fifteen years old and I’m at home getting ready for my first day of high school. As I’m combing my hair, my mom walks into the bathroom and says, “I hope you have a good first day at school. Work hard and try your best”, ever since I was a kid, my mom would tell me to try your best because school will be so much easier. When she said that to me, I made it a goal of mine. When I started high school I kept thinking of what my mom told me and I wanted to make her proud considering of what she’s been through. Three years later, I’m a senior in high school being in school, I have maintained a 3.6 G.P.A while participating in extracurricular activities. Being a hard worker is important to me because I learned that if you work hard and try your best you will be successful.

I am fifteen years old and my dad calls me. I’m nervous because I know that we were going to have a long talk. He talks to me about how he wants to be there for me and he gives me advice. He says, “Mone, I know you’ve been through a lot of stuff, but you gotta go through bumps and bruises to be polished,” even though I resent him I took his advice because I believe that you have to make mistakes and fail in order to grow as a person. Throughout my high school experience I became more resilient because I was able to manage my stress by taking deep breaths  when I work on assignments and it improved my academic achievements which help me be on the honor roll. Being resilient helped me become a better person because I am able to work through my challenges and weaknesses.

As I continue my high school experience I will continue to be more independent, hardworking, and resilient. I will continue to have these characteristics throughout my life as I go on to face the real world. Even though my dad leaving changed my life, being more independent, hardworking, and resilient impacted my life in a positive way.

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