Even as prom season has come and gone, it’s never too early to start thinking of dresses and suits, rides, and pictures for next year. Will you get a corsage? Have a sweet ride to prom? Get a fancy dinner before? While all of these things are special, one of the most important parts of proms are the themes. For some, it’s important that their outfit is on theme. For others, knowing what sort of activities and food will be at prom is of the utmost importance. The best prom themes are ones with enough wiggle room that the definition is loose, but not too laissez-faire that everyone is confused on how to dress. A theme can make or break prom, and is crucial for a memorable night. 

Proms, at least as we know them, have been around since the 1950’s. It has often been seen as a step into adulthood for graduating seniors and some juniors depending on your school’s policy. Most seniors look forward to prom, as one final party with their graduating class to celebrate their accomplishments. In this article, we will discuss the best prom themes for the class of 2023.

First off, if you’re planning a Hollywood-themed prom, like our own Franklin High School, the decorations and food should reflect the glitz and glamor of a movie set. For decorations, create a red-carpet entrance with velvet ropes, flashing paparazzi lights, and Franklin’s personal spin of this year; Hollywood Walk of Fame star for students available to purchase along with tickets. Set up a photo booth with props such as movie cameras and director’s chairs, to give students the feeling of being on a Hollywood set. Franklin’s prom venue incorporated gold and silver accents, and sparkly lights. As for food, Franklin did mini-mousse cups and cookies, while I think serving popcorn and candy bars would have been more on theme. 

 Starry Night-themed proms call for a celestial and romantic atmosphere, with decorations that transport students to a magical starry sky. For decorations, consider draping the venue in navy or black fabrics and hanging fairy lights, to imitate the twinkle of stars. Use silver moons and stars as centerpieces or incorporate cosmic elements like planets, galaxies and comets into the decor. To add to the galactic ambiance, set up a projector that displays constellations and shooting stars on the ceiling. As for food, you can serve galaxy-inspired treats like macarons and star-shaped cookies.

A masquerade-themed prom is all about mystery and sophistication, so the decorations and food should reflect this elegant and mysterious atmosphere. The most important decoration for a masquerade-themed prom is the mask. Finding the perfect mask to go along with your outfit is an exciting touch. For the rest of the decorations, consider rich colors, such as black, gold, and red. Decorate the venue with feathers, chandeliers, and (fake) candles to create a sense of luxury and glamor much like the Phantom of the Opera. For treats, consider chocolate-covered strawberries or truffles. A masquerade-themed prom is all about dressing up and feeling fancy, so consider offering a signature drink or mock champagne. 

At first glance, a Paris-themed prom might seem basic and overused but there are ways to make it unique and stand out. To create an authentic Parisian atmosphere, consider incorporating iconic Parisian landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre into the decorations. Use black and white stripes, vintage posters, and cafe-style tables and chairs to create the feel of a Parisian sidewalk cafe. For the menu, consider serving classic French cuisine such as croissants or cheese fondue. 

Casino-themed proms are all about capturing the bling of Las Vegas. The decorations should include lots of gold and black colors, with classic casino icons such as dice, cards, and chips. Grant High School created a mini casino area with roulette tables, card tables and slot machines to give students a realistic experience for their prom this year. For the menu, consider offering finger foods like fries and tots to mimic the classic casino snack foods. 

Prom night is one of the most unforgettable moments in a student’s life, and choosing the right theme can make it even more special. Whether it’s a Hollywood-themed prom, Starry Night, Masquerade ball, Parisian, or a Casino-inspired party, there are countless options for creating a memorable prom experience. The decorations, food, and drinks play a key role in setting the mood of the event, so it’s important to choose them carefully. I am definitely biased, but I loved the red-carpet entrance at Franklin’s 2023 prom. The luxurious feeling of a movie star really tied the night together for me. Whatever the theme, it’s essential to create a unique and fun-filled experience that allows students to let loose, have a great time and create lasting memories with friends.