Monarchy crown with fire shooting out of it. While royal monarchies might not be on fire, the people in them sure are hot. Illustration by Alyson Sutherland 

While royal families around the world are expanding, there is still a pressing need to rate the current ones. So here is my personal list of the hottest royals around the world. It features royalties of all ages with a throwback into royalty history. Rating people solely based on their looks is never a fantastic idea, so, there will be an emphasis on the parts of someone’s personality that makes them a hot person. However, there was a need for hotness data so it was gathered through polls and surveys of my peers. While some of the royals around the world are fantastic people helping the world be a better place, there is still a long history of cruel things that monarchies have done. While articles like this are very funny, it is important to remember the hurtful things that over-glorified royals have done and not idolize a system that has done harm without also acknowledging that harm.

Prince Felix of Denmark 

In last place on our list is Prince Felix of Denmark who is currently 20 years old and is a Cancer. He is eighth in line for the crown and is currently studying at Copenhagen Business School. He has followed his older brother, Prince Nikolai of Denmark, into walking the runway and modeling for Dior as well as Georg Jensen. The Danish royal family has a tradition of going to the Royal Danish Army’s Sergeant School; however, Prince Felix left the school after only a few months due to “private reasons” that include it just not being the right fit. He has blue eyes, brown hair, and clocks in at 5 ’10, qualities that helped him make the list. 

​​Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco

Next up is Charlotte Casiraghi, a princess of Monaco and the 11th in line for the throne. Some of the praise that she got from the poll I ran was that she has “fantastic cheekbones.” This complement comes from senior Serafina Sabatini. She doesn’t have a title because her mother, Princess Caroline of Monaco, thought that it would be best to not bestow her children with royal titles, so her technical title is the Niece of the Head of State. She is 36 years old, a Leo, and is freshly married to Dimitri Rassam, a French film producer. She has two children and works as a model and is a stunner with blue eyes. She is on the shorter side of models at 5’7, but that doesn’t change her talent. She has also explored other work environments such as being a writer, editor, equestrian, journalist, film producer, and humanitarian. 

Prince Nikolai of Denmark

In second place is Prince Nikolai of Denmark, the eldest son of Prince Joachim and his first wife Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg. He is approximately 6 feet and has gorgeous green eyes; he is currently 23 years old and is a Virgo. The royal family of Denmark has a tradition of going to the Royal Danish Army’s Sergeant School and Prince Nikolai planned to continue with this tradition by spending his two years in the military starting in 2018, but he left after a few months and decided to move on to bigger things. At the present moment, Prince Nikolai is working on a Business Administration and Service Management degree at Copenhagen Business School and sometimes dabbles in modeling for luxurious companies like Dior. 

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

While Meghan Markle might be the oldest on our list at 41 years old, this Leo is coming in at the top, the very hottest royal out there. According to sophomore Owen Phillips , this is because “Meghan has the best face and also the best hair.” Sophomore Lily Johnson  agrees with Phillips saying, “I mean have you seen her face??.” The Duchess has a strong passion for advancing gender equality and empowering women all over the world. She has made it her mission to grow the self-confidence of the women of future generations and has been successful at doing that in many different ways but one of the most powerful ones was becoming a patron of Smart Works. This is a charity in the United Kingdom that provides empowerment and help to women all over the country. They work to grow confidence in women to set them up for greater success. She has also worked with the religious group, World Vision, to help women in developing countries. Most recently, she went to Rwanda as a global ambassador for the foundation where she worked on community projects that helped with young girls’ education. Her charitable work and big heart are just some of the ways her personality is incredibly hot. 

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco 

There have been lots of hot royals historically, but we have to mention the one and only Grace Kelly, the well-known actress, as our historical throwback. Surprise! She is, in fact, a princess—and a hot one at that. After her time in the spotlight, including winning an Academy Award for best actress for her performance in “The Country Girl,” she decided to retire at 26 and marry Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. She shifted her work into the charity field and focused on supporting children in the arts field. Sadly, she passed from complications of a car accident in 1982 at 52. Soon after her passing, The Princess Grace Foundation was founded. They help support local artisans and was founded by her husband Rainier III, to honor her memory. While her life may have ended early, her legacy still lives on through her movies and work. 

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