Gracie Abrams performing her music on a stage in a concert setting. Abrams is currently on tour for her debut album, “Good Riddance.” Photo by Hazel Karon Snow 

Gracie Abrams, 23 year old singer-songwriter’s debut album “Good Riddance” was released on Feb. 24, 2023 and clocks in at 52 minutes and 30 seconds. This album, made up of 12 songs, is Abrams’ first complete album. However, she has released EP’s in the past, including “This Is What It Feels Like” in 2021 and “Minor” in 2020.


While this album does not have a title track, there could be an argument made that “Best” is the closest thing to one. This song focuses on Abrams’ possible relationship with someone unnamed. She writes about the mistakes she has made in this hypothetical relationship but also the imbalance that comes with any relationship that has struggles: “you were there all the time/ You’re the worst of my crimes/ You fell hard/I thought, ‘Good Riddance.’” 

This appearance of “Good Riddance” applies both to Abrams herself as well as the counter person in the relationship. It reflects the entire album’s theme of working through struggles in relationships whether it’s someone in your family or not. 

“I know it won’t work” 

The title of this song is strongly influenced by the lyrics. The song dives deep into the feeling of knowing a relationship won’t work but still having a connection to the person. Being able to see both sides of the connection allows Abrams to tell a story about how something can feel so right but also be so wrong at the same time. The repetition of the line “Cause part of me wants you back but I know it won’t work like that,” illuminates the pressing need for something to work out but remembering all of the bad times that you and another person have had. This song poses the question, do the pros outweigh the cons?

“Full Machine”

This is considered one of the “happier” songs in this album. It speaks to Abrams’ love for someone and wanting to hold them near. A pattern in the musical style in this album is the slow lead into a fast chorus that is followed by a medium paced fade out. That pattern is perfectly represented in this song and displays the perfection created in collaboration with The National’s Aaron Dessner. Dessner helped write this specific song as well as produced this album.  

“Fault line”

This lyrical masterpiece entices the listener to connect to the experience of having a past relationship with someone who makes you feel so ecstatic. This song carries us through the experience of being so involved with a person that it makes you feel wrapped up in them; then breaking out and realizing that the relationship was likely not the best for either person. Abrams starts this song with talking about how the subject of the song is always breaking; however, Abrams also sings about how she is breaking too. She ends the song with the repeated “I’ll break too.”   

“The Blue”

“The Blue” starts with a calm and melancholy soundtrack. It is the definition of a “blue” song. However, around the one minute and 22 second mark, the tune quickly picks up and the lyrics change to reflect how the love interest in the song has suddenly “come out of the blue.” Every time the chorus is repeated with the lyrical change “you came out of the blue like that” the music’s pace also picks up. The lyrics in this song have a strong connection to the pace of the song and impact the listening experience immensely. 

“Right now”

The ending track of this album fully explores the idea of leaving something that once was perfect. In this case, it speaks to the fact that you can leave something and appreciate the newness of the situation, yet still feel lost and confused. “Pretty far from the ocean/Never thought that would hurt/Every lake here is frozen/Which is making it worse.” 

These geographical metaphors are just the ideas that something can be a similar substitute and still feel off. Leaving home for the first time, and naïveté in “adult” experiences are just a few of the complex ideas that Abrams explores in this diary-like album. 

This album as a whole is a lyrical masterpiece that speaks to the common experience of struggle with forming and keeping relationships as a younger person. Leaving home, moving across the country, and changing passions are topics that Abrams sings about, relatable for all kinds of people. 

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