Image of Packer Orchards’ finest pumpkins! Just one of the many great pumpkin patches listed in this article. Photo taken by Francis Bolton

Tis the season to be festive, and what better way to celebrate this beautiful autumn than with pumpkins! Here in Oregon we are privileged to be surrounded by innumerous fantastic pumpkin patches and orchards. However, I understand that the sheer amount of farms to choose between can be overwhelming. These are the three pumpkin patches/orchards you should visit this season.

The first pumpkin patch we’ll dive into is Plumper Pumpkins, “where memories are made.” Founded in 1998, this beautiful patch is located in rural Oregon just outside of Burlington and is family owned and operated. Chief operating officer Peter Kessinger, said, “I have a lot of workers that grew up coming to my farm, and so now they’re getting to give that tradition on to the next generation.” Not only do Plumper Pumpkins grow 25 different types of gourds, they also farm Christmas trees for December. This patch offers activities like pig racing, corn mazes, hay rides, and my personal favorite: pumpkin cannons (a cannon that launches pumpkins at targets). “We’ve got some of the best cannons in the area,” said Kessinger. This pumpkin patch has a lot of activities for kids. If you’d like to bring a little sibling, there will be plenty of entertainment for them, including big tube slides and a playground.

The next patch we have on our list is Packer Orchards, located in Hood River. Packer Orchards is not as old as some of the other patches, and was founded in 2016. Although it may be a bit of a drive for families in the Franklin area, it is totally worth it in my opinion. Apple cider doughnuts are the main incentive, which are hands down the best doughnuts I’ve ever tasted. This place is definitely more of a farm rather than just a pumpkin patch, which makes it even more special and personal. Packer Orchards grows a plethora of fresh produce, plus many other sweets like apple cider slushies and cinnamon buns. If you have the time during your weekend to take a bit of a drive, definitely check out Packer Orchards.

And finally, last but certainly not least is The Pumpkin Patch, founded in 1967. This pumpkin patch, located on Sauvie Island, is the most scenic on this list and the most famous one in Oregon. The Pumpkin Patch has it all: a beautiful view, candy apples, an animal barn, and hayrides. If you go to pick pumpkins, you can ride out on a tractor to a huge patch where you will find thousands of pumpkins to choose from. You can even buy beef that was raised right there on the farm. The Pumpkin Patch also has a huge maze that I can tell you from experience is very easy to get lost in without a map. This farm is probably the most well rounded of the list, due to its wide array of activities. It is simply a beauty to visit.

All in all I’d say it’s pretty hard to miss out on a good pumpkin patch when living in Oregon. But I do hope that this article highlighted some cool places to go to with your friends or family! An added bonus with these patches is that even when they aren’t selling pumpkins, you can still visit their farms in the off season. So hopefully this article has you excited to celebrate this season; get out there and make some memories!

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