Some shops are allowing special hours for the elderly due to vulnerability. Photo by Sebastian Gollnow via Getty Images

Times are stressful during this worldwide pandemic known as COVID-19. People all over our planet are fearful about what the future may hold and political issues coordinating with the virus. With the lingering stress amongst the world’s families, it’s a good time to focus on the optimism and kindness going on during this chaos. 

Selfless Acts

Across the country, young people are delivering groceries to populations that are defenseless during this time. Some families are more vulnerable to the virus due to age and underlying conditions, which prevent them from travelling outside their home frequently or at all. Able bodies are helping those people by transporting goods. Acts of kindness such as this are valued and vital to continue to have hope for humanity. 

Foster Animals

With an extension of time spent inside their homes, people are purchasing animals as pets to love and tend to. Animal shelters have reported a boost in foster applications during the pandemic. With these animals without homes, and a strive for comfort and company among the population, it works out well. 


Since the lockdown, movie theaters have been temporarily closed. Our communities’ lack of entertainment, including live events, movies, and more, lead to boredom amongst the people. But in light of this effect, movies are being released immediately to some channels and available to purchase. To prevent the break from seeming longer because of the lack of things to do, entertainment is important in daily life, however you may find it. 


Some major companies have taken the time to donate goods. For example, Disneyland recently donated excess food to a food bank due to its hefty amount of uneaten snacks from when the theme park was open. 

The Environment

From the recent quarantine, levels of air pollution have decreased immensely. After the wildfires in Australia earlier this year, it has now become safe for koalas to return to their homes in the wilderness. It’s good to know that something that significant has come out of the quarantine.

These things are signs that the future may not be as miserable as it seems, and things may get better. The virus has impacted communities significantly, but there are upsides such as I had stated previously, that should not be overlooked if one sees this time as hopeless and unbearable. Hopefully, 2020 will include even more generally good outcomes from this major break from socializing.

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