17 seconds will never be enough time to voice what 17 people never can
2,000 students forced to live the horrors that our politicians can never understand
What we stand for is no longer liberty and justice, but a fight for life itself
No kid should ever have to wage a war so that weapons of war don’t fuck up their bodily health

Are you hearing what we’re saying, are the lights all on upstairs?
Because the last thing I’ve been thinking is that the administration really cares.
About real people reduced to numbers on a crumpled spreadsheet
A tally of individual lives never given the opportunity to be complete

30 million dollars, is that how much Gen Z is worth?
Or did you stop giving a shit about us immediately after birth?
Mr. Trump, why are you treating mental illness like it’s a precedent?
The last time I checked we were getting enough of that from our president.

I am a Gen Z kid, a born after 9/11, grew up hiding under their desks kid
A zombie buried in their phone ‘cause they’re sick of hearing the last thing some asshole did.
With an AK-47, AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and the will to shoot up a school
A monster with the determination to add their fellow students to a growing dead pool

I am a Gen Z kid, a generation that learned how to Lock Down before they learned to read
A woman who’s tired of waiting for problems to be solved by a prince and some ‘noble’ steed
A student who reads about her nation’s history and can only feel disgust and shame
A person ready to redefine the system so that they can put our anger to a name.

Because I am a Gen Z kid, and Generation Zombie isn’t hungry for fish and chips
I hope you’ve still got those guns because here comes the Gen Zombie apocalypse
Your second amendment right to bear arms isn’t gonna protect you from our wrath
When we vote you out of office and fix this broken system, do the fucking math

Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men?
It’s the music of the people who will not get shot up at school again.
Do you see the ocean of protestors choking the national mall?
Neo-Nazis, Racists, NRA Lobbyists, we’re gonna get rid of them all.

Because 200 year old policies are not what the people of the 21st century stand for
I am a Gen Z kid saying the things that should have been said long before
Before Douglas Mason, before Columbine, before Sandy Hook, before Virginia Tech, before Benton, before Aztec, before San Bernardino, before Roseburg, before Marysville, before Santa Monica, Newtown, Oakland, Chardon, Huntsville, Dekalb, Baton Rouge, Blacksburg, before…..

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