A forest after a recent snowfall. Snow days are a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the unique weather. Photo by Sadie Tresnit.

As finals approach, many students find themselves hoping and praying for just one teeny-tiny snow day. It’s me; I’m students. When the winter weather rolls in, I confess I spend a significant portion of my waking hours wishing for a little surprise time off of school. And sometimes it happens! Maybe it will this year too! So, as something of an expert, I’m here to be a little condescending and tell you exactly how to spend your snow days.

  1. Sleep in. Of course, there’s the obligatory early alarm so you can rush to check the PPS website for that beloved yellow banner, but then you can just go back to bed! It’s magical! If you’re lucky enough to have a window next to your bed, you can even get back under the covers and just stare at the snow before you start your day. I know that might sound boring, but for me, there’s something so soothing about how silent everything is after a snowstorm. This is best enjoyed with a cozy blanket, preferably with a fun pattern.
  2. Build a snowman! This is a classic snow day activity for a good reason. There’s nothing better than getting outside to make a fool of yourself when it snows (trust me, I have experience). Building snowpeople is a great way to do this and express your creativity. There are endless options, from a traditional look with a carrot nose to more modern and unique ideas. Try it out! If snowmen aren’t your thing, you can take a walk through your neighborhood or have a snowball fight.
  3. Take a long, hot shower. Being outside in the snow is great, but it’s easy to get cold pretty quickly. A shower is a perfect contrast to this, and baths are also great. Play some of your favorite tunes and let the steam drown out any thought of school.
  4. Bake something! This might not be for everyone, but it’s one of my favorite winter hobbies because I get to stay warm, and I end up with delicious cookies when I’m done. If you feel like sharing, you can make your family’s day, and if you’d rather eat everything yourself, that’s 100 percent valid.
  5. Curl up on the couch with a book and a warm drink. As my fellow snow day expert, Orion Boughton (11) says, “snow days are prime for books and hot chocolate.” It’s so relaxing to spend time with a good story and a seasonal beverage. Usually during the school week, I don’t have very much time to read for pleasure, and it’s nice to have the opportunity.
  6. Test out your performance skills! The first thing I do when I have the house to myself is playing some music while singing and dancing in my living room with all the confidence in the world. I’m sure my neighbors appreciate it a lot. At any rate, it’s a good way to use up your energy when the weather doesn’t allow for other kinds of exercise, and no one can laugh at you.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll find that when the next snow day rolls around, you’ll be 100 percent prepared to have an enjoyable, relaxing day in the middle of a stressful week. Have fun!

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