Photo by Isaak Ordaz.

“Nothing is ever done.” The Post sucks. The teacher, Ms. Kirsch, thinks of the class as a lousy bunch she “only [has] good things to say about.” There is really not a worse course. I regret my decision to join probably my favorite class every day. The class which gives me an opportunity to be a journalist and learn about my interests. The only bright spot of it all is that I’m not alone. Everyone has a hatred for it all. That only solidifies everything you’re about to hear surrounding the disaster that is: The Franklin Post.

As forecasting season is upon us, many students are debating which classes they’ll take in continuation of their high school career. Well, I’m here to help those thinking of taking the Post to understand why NOT to take it. The truth of the matter is that we have no clue what we’re doing, and the Post is actually a group of really horrible people who only create a good, strong community that churns out a bunch of really interesting and diverse articles that appeal to wide audiences. Ms. Kirsch, who’s headed the operation for years now, even admitted that us students hate the positive community aspect of the class. She wished that we didn’t like each other as much, and that’s a sentiment we can all agree on, honestly. “They have too much fun,” newcomer Alden Roy echoed. The bonds built here are too good for a proper classroom feel. 

The articles we write are the real weak point of the class. I think it’s a workload issue and lack of support, and others agree. Kirsch said, “We only produce horrible stories, and that’s why we are regularly praised and recognized by the community.” The support we get is actually TOO much for us to succeed. Our section editors always check in with us and make sure we as people are okay and that our stories are going well. The newbie, Roy, barely got any help when he joined: “it was only stupid stuff like how to make essays better, and all the stuff to expect.” Kirsch also called herself and the staff out on their lack of help, saying, “No needs will be accommodated, we are the least understanding crew ever.” She also added that the day-to-day help is the worst, saying that we would have to ask our two editors-in-chief or her for help.

Another student realized how little variety we get regarding our stories, saying, “we don’t write any stories about what we’re interested in. Currently I’m writing an article about tennis, [and] I’m on the tennis team, why would I want to write that?” There is also constant concern about the workload. “One article a month, so only like ten classes and late night,” said Roy. What is late night, you may ask? It’s an event that happens once a month where you have to go to school and work. At night. Yes, we voluntarily go to school after hours, I know we’re try-hards who don’t even do good work. You are supplied with brain food, mainly pizza, and the occasional stress-baked good, and time to finish up and edit your work, and it stinks. 

The Franklin Post is truly the worst class in the school. The support, work, positive community, and endless suffering because of all of that make every moment that I stay enrolled worse than the last. Don’t join the Post.