Plants have grown to be a very common staple in most people’s homes. They add a lot to spaces that were previously not as lively. If you’re like myself, you love the way plants look in a home, but you can never seem to get them to thrive before accidentally murdering them. Whether you’re a beginner plant owner, someone who has never successfully kept a plant alive for longer than a month, or someone who falls in between the two: this list will help you choose the new foliage to add into your living space.

Snake Plant:

Image by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Snake plants are perfect for my fellow plant killers because of the extremely low maintenance they require. Snake plants can survive weeks without water, given their watering window is roughly every 2-8 weeks. It is important to not over water them because when the soil and leaves stay damp too long, they can begin to rot. These plants also don’t need much light to thrive, so they’re perfect for that corner of your room that’s been lacking some much-needed spice. 

Spider Plant:

Image by Lucian Alexe via Unsplash

Spider plants are almost as easy to take care of as snake plants because they are similar in their watering needs, but prefer to be in an area with more light. Spider plants are very flexible with a watering schedule and just need to be watered regularly. They should be watered when the dirt in their pot feels dry to the touch. As I mentioned, spider plants do enjoy their sunlight and thrive the most in an area with direct sunlight. Another great thing about spider plants is their ability to be repotted and transferred very easily. 

Aloe Vera Plant: 

Image by Kara Eads via Unsplash

Not only are aloe vera plants visually pleasing, but they have many uses medicinally. They can be used to heal burns, soothe skin, and even help increase your digestive health. Since aloe is a succulent, this means they thrive with very little water. Aloe plants need to be watered thoroughly but infrequently. They also need a lot of light to flourish, doing best in an area with a lot of natural sunlight. 

Pothos Plant:

Image by Kelsey Brown via Unsplash

Pothos plants, also called devil’s ivy, are very resilient plants that are difficult to kill. They like to be watered about every 1-2 weeks. In between waterings, it is important to let the soil dry completely. Pothos plants enjoy being in a brightly lit area, but not in direct sunlight. They can also survive in a low light environment, but they would do the best in a well lit spot. Pothos are perfect for some greenery hanging in a window or to use as an accent to a bookshelf. 

Philodendron Plant:

Image by Kelsey Knight via Unsplash

Philodendrons are my favorite plant on this list. They are extremely easy to take care of and are incredibly pretty to look at, making them a perfect hanging plant. Philodendrons are similar to pothos because they both enjoy being in brightly lit environments, while remaining out of direct sunlight. They like to be watered about every 2 weeks, but a good way to check if your plant needs water is sticking your finger into the soil to see how damp it is. The soil should be dry until about two inches down; this is how you know when it’s time to water your plant again. 

If you’re on a journey of attempting to expand your plant collection without killing them all, I hope this list was able to point you in the direction of a plant that you believe would suit you best. Keeping plants alive and thriving is hard, and it takes a lot of trial and error. Getting to the spot of having an assortment of plants that are all in great condition is difficult, but extremely worth it. Plants can add a lot to a seemingly bland living space, so don’t let the challenge of caring for them discourage you from filling your house with many green friends. 

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