They say you should tell stories to the moon, that she will watch from her unreachable realm as you pour your heart and soul to her. She listens intently, watching you with unseen eyes as your secrets are heard by her ears only.

“I must confess,” I say, staring intently at the ethereal divinity before me. The stars, bright pictures painting navy silk, draped around her. “It is no secret to me that my heart belongs not to me, but to her.

“Who is she?” the moons asks, the stars around her twinkling brightly with excitement. “She is a goddess,” I sigh, full of admiration, “ a goddess whose beauty that is so bright that not even Aphrodite can hold a candle to her light. She is so warm that the sun watches in envy as she brings life to those around her. She ignites my heart into a feeling that leaves my chest feeling warm and complete.”

“What about her ignites your heart?” she asks, glittering with curiosity. “Her eyes,” I say. “But not just her eyes. It is her soul. A soul so old and kind, a soul that loves deep and wholly that it can never be described but in its purest form. Her laughs sings songs that only heaven’s choirs can nearly match. Her smile as radiant as the sun as it beams over the horizon and leaves the sky in such a colorful palette that it can only be called art. And her beauty is not just skin deep, she is passionate in the way that she works towards the things that she loves like there is nothing in the world she would rather be doing. She is loyal in the way that she stands by those she loves. As she holds their hand through the darkness and says, ‘We walk through this fire together.’ She is trustworthy in the way that I feel as though I can be completely and wholly myself around her, there need not be any secrets or lies when I am with her for I trust her with my heart and soul.”

The night grows cold as I hug my blanket tighter around my shoulders. The cold tiling of my roof doing nothing to soothe the chill that resonates through my bones. But the thought of her and her smile makes it all the more bearable as I continue to sing sonnets about her.

“She reminds me of you in a way,” I tell the moon, a slow smile slowly creeping on my face.

“Oh really?” she cooes,”How so?” “She is ethereal, she is the light that shines through the dark and is there for me when my days are cold and dark, to remind me that though there is darkness in my life right now, it will pass and soon the light will emerge. And I hope to be the same to her, I hope to be there to hold her when she is scared and wants to cry. I hope to be the one to soothe her restless soul when her days are long and hard and she feels like she’s at the point of breaking.”

“You sound like you really care for this girl,” The moon hums, the inky swirls of the sky mixing with lilacs and lavenders and emerald greens to create a harmony of colors through the sky.

“I do,” I say breathlessly, “I care for her with every fiber of my being and then even more. My feelings for her transcend the universe.”

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