The view from a red-eye flight where the sun is about to set is one of the most beautiful yet unsettling things, as seen in the image above. Photo by Violette Creel.

In some places, you may feel a sensation of uneasiness, like some sort of glitch in the matrix, or maybe serenity, like taking a breath of fresh air after a long, winding car ride. Many have felt these inexpressible feelings, usually in specific environments. If you have ever been in an instance like this, you would understand how it impacts your mood to some extent. From personal experience, places like these may spark creativity for drawing, writing or any other art source. Overall, it may strike a strange and unreal feeling, that can vary from lovely to unsettling. 

Rooftops in the evening

This location is commonly found, but not easily accessible for those who are fearful of the long fall that could happen if they misstep. If experienced at the right time, you may witness a lovely summer night, which can sometimes be chilly, but the view is spectacular. Ranging from smoky indigos to a brilliant apricot and deep red, rooftop sunsets are much more picturesque than any other sunset. Overall, this environment may be risky due to the high probability of slipping and falling from a great height, so be careful if you ever try the experience. 

The hospital at night

Hopefully, a majority of readers haven’t had to experience this one in full swing, but it is a slightly unnerving experience. For this situation, being there for even a few minutes strikes anxiety due to the lack of knowing what lurks in the dark corners while walking alone. With open, dimly lit hallways, and hundreds of doors into small rooms with minimal signs of life, you may be cautious and hesitant to wander the area. 

Red-eye flights

This dreadful, night-based occasion generally gains its abnormal vibes from the lack of sleep and tightly crammed sleeping space. A majority of red-eyes are prone to what their title perfectly supplies, red eyes, which means a sleepless experience with eye bags and chapped lips. This bizarre struggle not only makes you feel strangely uncomfortable but also ends with a weary ride to your final destination. I urge you to avoid this situation unless you tend to fall asleep quickly, even in noisy, crammed, or rough surroundings. 

Early snowy mornings

If a thick layer of snow blankets the roads and roofs of houses ranging from around seven to eight-thirty in the morning, and you happen to be awake, appreciate this moment with a cup of coffee and observe the silent abyss of white fluff. If it’s still snowing, get into some comfy cold-weather clothes and head outside for the full effect of composure and be entranced by the fall of the tiny flakes. Based on where you slept that night, the frequency of this opportunity may vary. 

School after hours

Truly, if it happens to be the school you attend, it makes the experience all the more empty and nerve-racking. “It was eerie and when I was inside it felt really lonely and kind of spacious,” said an anonymous source who had been in that situation not long ago. Without people crowding the busy hallways, the setting seems to have lost its personality and meaning. I recommend only being there when necessary. 

The lighting section at a home appliance store

If you’ve been to any warehouse-like store that sells things ranging from wood planks to refrigerators, you might’ve walked by the lighting section of the store. These settings can range in size from entire hallways to small nooks. It may be breathtaking, but the number of bright lights, blinding you from other areas can be overwhelming. This can make you feel energized or anxious. I advise you to try this, but not to the point where it is harmful to your eyesight. 

Light transitional sleep

This feeling occurs between when you’re drained and when you actually fall asleep. Your eyes feel droopy, your head feels heavy, you can’t hear anything outside of your own thoughts, and you don’t feel as though you are not controlling yourself. “Basically what happens is like, nothing feels real and it feels like I’m inside my own body. Imagine everything is in the third person but from within your own body. Reality doesn’t feel real and it’s almost as if I’m watching a movie,” declares Raven Chesser (10), a student who has experienced this sensation on multiple occasions. 

So all in all, it’s your decision if you would like to try and experience these interesting moments, which generally are not too hard to come by. If given the opportunity, get your friends to join you, and take photos if you would like to capture the beauty in a shot. But, I do suggest that you visit or experience at least once before death, for there are many ways to encounter this feeling.

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